MUP Ep-246 Better GMing in Pleasant Greens

This episode, Keepers Murph & Dave interview friend of the show, Julian Simpson, on how to be a better GM!

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Recent Gaming

After a short hiatus, our Recent Gaming segment is back. This episode was recorded on March 12, 2022.

Main Topic — How to be a Good Game Master w/ Julian Simpson

Julian’s Previous Shows:

MUP EP 195 – Julian in Darkness – March 23, 2020

MUP EP 215 – Shadow Over Simpson – Dec 28, 2020

Julian has a few websites that he posts too, but Cartoon Gravity is his most active.

Backer Questions

Did he ever get to play that Unknown Armies game he thirsted for in his previous visits to the show?

And if  not, why? Why is it so hard to get a game we’re passionate about off the ground?

How does he approach long term character development in an audio environment during an age where video and visual queues have become the norm? Or, what makes the audio creative space enjoyable for him?