Keeper Murph with a looming Ithaqua
Keeper Murph with a looming Ithaqua

Keeper Murph has been gaming for over twenty years, starting out on AD&D and later 3.5, with a large dose of White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade. He was introduced to H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos along the way which led to The Call of Cthulhu game. These days he enjoys making up drop-in rules replacements for games, such as the infamous Noun-Verb Magic system, Thesaurus Magick, and Robert’s Rules of Order RPG.

Murph lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas, which is almost entirely devoid of a gaming community, so he plays via Discord and Roll20. He spends his time working from home for a software company.

Keeper Dave meets
High Priest Goodfellow

Keeper Dave just figured out that he has been playing rpgs since 1979, not 1980 as he has thought for many decades, so while his geek cred has gone up by one year, his failing memory has one more notch in it.

He recently moved his family from California to Maryland, just up the road from Washington DC, where can enjoy all four seasons. He did not believe the stories of the four seasons, and yet here we are. All things are up in the air, so it seems.Dave doubled (and sometimes tripled) down on the rpging during the 2020 quarantine and loves to meet new people and play new systems. And though D&D was truly his first love, Call of Cthulhu will always be his true love. You can find his blog at Weird8.com and his DTRPG store here.

Former Hosts

Keeper Chad with Ian, Keeper Murph, Mahafa, & Gladius
Keeper Chad with Ian, Keeper Murph, Mahafa, & Gladius

Keeper Chad (aka Dr. Gerard) discovered the podcast not long after the initial launch and impressed the hosts by submitting the very first History Segment. It was really a no-brainer that he should become a part of the show and was welcomed with open arms. Keeper Chad is a noted entomophage but finds it socially unacceptable in NYC where cockroaches outnumber virtually every other form of life. Chad is a journalist that has visited, or lived in, such exotic places like Indonesia, Thailand, Iraq, and Phoenix. Recently the show would be lost without his constant dedication. For that reason alone we can’t get rid of him.

Keeper Dan with Paul & Mike
Keeper Dan with Paul & Mike

Keeper Dan has been a fan of science fiction for as long as he can remember. He fell in love with roleplaying games in the summer of 1991 with Call of Cthulhu. That same year, he also was introduced to Amtgard, a live action combat game that has been another passion since that time. Since discovering podcasts, starting with Yog Radio, Dan has been listening to far too many hours of content. Now he’s decided to cast himself into the audient void by producing the MU Podcast. Dan resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he’s usually found in his work room in front of the computer working on this show, or playing Star Wars: The Old Republic while surrounded by shelves with books, DVDs, astromech figures and Transformers.  

Jon @ Googman Games Panel
Jon @ Goodman Games Panel

Keeper Jon is a life-long fan of all things science fiction, fantasy, and horror on television, at the movies, in literature, and in games. He is an avid comic book collector, and has written several comic short stories for independent comics Digital Webbing Presents, Western Tales of Terror, and Dark Horrors. He’s also an avid gamer, starting with the original D&D red box. Jon resides in Shawnee, Kansas, which is part of the Kansas City metropolis. When not spending time with his wife and kids, you can find him either at the comic shop or at the table playing games.  

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