MUP Ep-247 In Space, No One Can Hear Murph Scream…

This episode, Keepers Murph, Dave, and Bridgett dive into The Alien: RPG and take questions from the awesome MUP Fans!

This episode was recorded on March 24, 2022.

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Main Topic — Alien RPG

This episode was recorded on March 24, 2022. We asked for a bunch of questions from our Discord community about the Alien: The RPG. And we shall now endeavor to answer at least some of them before our inadequacies become too apparent.

Bridgett’s Starter Questions

  • How do you handle cascading panic?
  • What are your favorite talents?
  • Does anyone actually use that section on space combat? Real talk? Did you read it?

Listener Questions:

  • (James) Ibis: What rules from the core book do you want to implement, but often forget in the heat of the moment?
  • iPwnedMSCS: How do you write agendas differently for early acts in cinematic scenarios vs later acts?  Do you write agendas differently for single Act scenarios?
  • Could @Keeper Dave (he/him) talk about what from the five room dungeon concept did and didn’t work for his scenario?
  • (James) Ibis: Would you rather play Alien or Aliens? Why?
  • iPwnedMSCS: How intuitive do you find the chances of success with the base + stress dice mechanics?
  • iPwnedMSCS: What mechanics do you think are well implemented?  What mechanics do you think could be improved?
  • iPwnedMSCS: What do you hope to see in future additions to the product line?
  • iPwnedMSCS: What’s your favorite chart in the book and why is it the panic table?
  • JZahler: Can Alien be run as a horror campaign?  With only a single antagonist, xenomorphs, how would you keep it fresh over multiple scenarios?  If the solution is to introduce other non-xenomorph Alien threats, is it still Alien?
  • iPwnedMSCS: How do you resolve combat oriented panic results in non-combat situations?
  • iPwnedMSCS: How do you feel about the layout of the character sheet?
  • iPwnedMSCS: Are there any content warnings, such as infestation horror, that cannot be removed without the game no longer being Alien?