MUP EP 206 – “Hello Internet!” It’s Seth Skorkowsky!

In this episode, Keepers Dave, Jon and Murph welcomes author and YouTube darling, Seth Skorkowsky! Seth’s fun and informative YouTube show has garnered him an ENnie award, as did his contribution to the recently published New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley (2nd Edition), published by Stygian Fox, Enjoy!

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is the Miskatonic University’s student newspaper. This edition was collected on August 13th, 2020.

Although I imagine none of you listening need the reminder, Lovecraft Country arrived over a week ago! Have you seen it yet? We haven’t because it is in the future, but alas in the past for you. We imagine it is amazing! EDITOR’S NOTE — It was indeed, amazing!

Free League has their Twilight: 2000 Kickstarter currently running. It funded in 7 minutes, and as of this recording, it has 20 days to go. Currently, it has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars; it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s well over one million by the time the funding campaign ends.

Chaosium has announced the creative team for the upcoming Rivers of London RPG and boy does it look like a good lineup! The creators are Paul Fricker, Adam Gauntlett, Lloyd Gyan, Lynne Hardy, Gavin Inglis, Keris McDonald, Helena Nash, and Lucya Szachnowski. You can learn more about each of them at Chaoisum, links in the shownotes. here

Powered by the Dreamr is a Powered by the Apocalypse RPG ‘zine “You are the Dreamr with power over dreams and nightmares. When awake, you are an everyperson, an individual with no supernatural distinction. But when you close your eyes, the mundanity of the world is replaced with one where you are its guide.”
You can find it for $6 over at and DTRPG.

It seems like physical copies of Dissident Whispers is making it out to Europeans, but as of recording we haven’t heard of them being seen State-side as of yet.

Mork Borg had a pretty interesting article in The Guardian on Aug 11th. If you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out for sure.

Also if you haven’t had a chance to back Golden Goblin’s newest fiction Kickstarter, there is still time left! The KS ends on Aug 30th.

Recent Gaming

Murph just finished playing Eclipse Phase using the Elemental rulesset from Gildor Games, and we made characters for a Supers game that editor Max is going to run using the Icons ruleset. My character is a called “The Queen’s Counsel” and it a Gadgeteer that wears an exo-suit, can duplicate himself 6 times over, has a forcefield, and can strike with all six clones at once causing the target to think they are in an illusion of a British Courtroom. Oh and he has a metal solicitor’s wig on his helmet.

Dave had a so-so time at virtual GenCon, and he had an amazing run of his modern Call of Cthulhu scenario.

Jon just finished running The Code, from the new Mansions of Madness Vol.1, for the Into The Darkness actual play video podcast on YouTube. Getting ready to start an ALIEN game on our Discord. And I’ll be starting the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Spawn of Azathoth, with the Into The Darkness crew very soon.

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Main Topic

Download the episode and join us as we talk to Seth about his writing, his amazing YouTube show, and the importance of stakes in games. How can game masters motivate their players to dive deeper into dangerous and mysterious scenarios? What keeps the characters invested in the game, instead of turning tail and running away?

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