Website availability

I believe I’ve gotten the website to a place where it’s more stable. Episode 54 went out on the feed as normal, and everything is appearing to work as it’s supposed to. I’m going...
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Review- MindJammer

This isn’t directly Mythos related, so it’s not going to be reviewed on the podcast, but a post here isn’t out of the question. This is an RPG published by the prolific Modiphius...
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Mythos Video Games Through the Ages

In MU Podcast episode 53, Ethan wrote in to give us an encyclopedia of digital Lovecraft gaming material. It was too long to put in the regular show notes, so it gets its own post here. Hi...
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Cephalophobia Issue 1 Is Unleashed!

E-Book PDF: Download (3.9MB) We are proud to present on our 2 year anniversary the Miskatonic University Yearbook, issue 1. Also known as, Cephalophobia! This magazine has loads of great features and...
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MU Podcast 052 – Ruling the House of the Pre-Generates

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:25:31 — 79.0MB) In episode 52 Chad, Jon and Dan talk about the pros and cons of pre-generated characters and how they can be integrated into Call of Cthulhu stories...
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MU Podcast 051 – Wacky Gadgets and the Wackos Who Use Them

Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:29:55 — 138.0MB) In episode 51 we try to figure out some of the gadgets left behind by our extradimensional visitors. And we talk about the ways to use the...
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Contest- CTHULHU: The Great Old One – Card Game & Bicycle Deck

We’re having a giveaway in partnership with Dann Kriss, who is holding a Kickstarter for a new card game he made called Cthulhu: The Great Old One.  He is giving away a collection of items that are...
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Review- Cthulhu Cultist Pistol Replica from Joe Broers

Joe Broers should be a recognizable name here at the MU site. We  interviewed him in episode 25 and we’ve mentioned his beautiful work here on several occasions. This is my first piece from his...
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