2014 Golden Geek Awards Voting is Open!

The Golden Geek Awards are run by the folks over at BoardGameGeek / RPGGeek, and there are a number of nominees this year that fit well within our wheelhouse! The BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award is...
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MU Podcast 071 — The Worm Has Turned

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:16:44 — 71.0MB) In episode 71, Keepers Dan, Murf and Chad grab their Thumpers and hop onto an old Shai Hulud as we bore into the Bestiary for a tour of Lovecraftian...
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Masks of Nyarlathotep Session 10

Podcast: Download (Duration: 3:11:07 — 262.5MB) Podcast (mup-main-feed): Download (Duration: 3:11:07 — 350.0MB) Masks Live Play Session 10
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Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play Session 9 Audio

Podcast: Download (Duration: 3:47:01 — 311.8MB) With special guest player Oscar...
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Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play Session 8 Audio

Podcast: Download (Duration: 3:48:24 — 313.7MB)...
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MU Podcast 070 – I love the smell of Mythos in the morning

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:53:49 — 104.9MB) In episode 70, Keepers Murf and Dan are joined by Keeper Scott Dorward for a show that means WAR! This episode was recorded on January 18, 2015....
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MUP Episode 70 will be next weekend.

Due to the weirdness that is the holiday season, the host schedules got shifted around a little bit. So, we’re shifting our recording weekend to the opposite from what it has been. We’ll be...
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Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play Parts 8 and 9

So I realized that I have over 30 hours of the Masks live play just sitting there. I had originally intended the video files to be edited as the previous session. However, this is just not possible any...
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