Special Report: One-Week Kickstarter for "Cold Warning"

17358931_1455243041213374_1275179987291695158_oIn this special interview with Scott David Aniolowski, all four hosts are on deck to ask about his scenario “Cold Warning,” for Golden Goblin Press. That scenario (apparently 25 years in the making) will be the central focus of an experimental one-week Kickstarter to be launched on midnight on Friday, March 24 (the early hours of Saturday, in other words) and will run until 11:59 on Friday, March 31. If the Kickstarter reaches $12,500, Cold Warning will be paired with a stretch goal for “Riding the Northbound,” a scenario where players play hobos on an epic journey.

A group of hobos, tramps, and bums undertake a journey in the early winter to attend the wedding party of one of their own. Rumor has it that Bottlecap Bob married a rich widow and is throwing a party for everyone he rode the rails with, and giving them a pair of new shoes and a set of new clothes to boot. However, the route is a dangerous one. If something seems too good to be true you can be sure that’s the case. Bob never was that lucky for a tramp. Art by Rueben Dodd, layout by Mark Shireman, maps by Stephanie McAlea. This scenario is already written, and will be paired with an updated version of “Raggedy Clothes and Worn Out Shoes,” the optional hobo rules from GGP’s 1st publication, Island of Ignorance – The First Cthulhu Companion. It will automatically come with “Those Who Wander,” a bonus PDF of seven pre-generated fully detailed Hobo, Tramps, and bum investigators. – Oscar Rios
Check out the Golden Goblin Press Facebook page for updated info on the project, or check here for a link to the KS page once it’s launched. Here’s a preview of the KS video: More background on Scott: Check out an interview on Dean Englehart’s Cthulhu Reborn from 2013 >> And this extensive interview with YSDC from 2010 >>]]>

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