MUP 118 – Puttin' the 'Grim' in Grimoire

MUP_118-Puttin_the_Grim_in_Grimoire-800In this episode, Dan, Jon and Chad catch up with the irrepressible Mike Mason and the goings on at Chaosium. This episode was recorded on February 25th, 2017 – with news updates from March 12th. This episode is sponsored by Feed the Shoggoth! Buy this thing or regret will forever eat at your insides like a shoggoth.

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Campus Crier (recorded on February 25)

Love Cthulhu III 18 X 24 Limited Edition Print Dreamhounds of Paris limited edition

Campus Crier, Supplemental (Recorded on March 12)

Here we are in the future! We had some time to record a little extra crier – this is recorded on the day of release, March 12th. Cthulhu Invictus – ONLY 3 days to go! Ends on March 15th at midnight!  It Just passed the 32, 000 mark. So: STRETCH GOAL FOUR, A SECOND BONUS SCENARIO ($30,000 / UNLOCKED) -An original scenario by Chad Bowser (co-creator of Cthulhu Invictus) STRETCH GOAL FIVE, INVESTIGATORS OF THE EMPIRE 18 pregns with original ($31, 500 / UNLOCKED) STRETCH GOAL SIX, DE HORRORE COSMICO 7th EDITION CONVERSION PDF – Unlocked! And yet to be unlocked: STRETCH GOAL SEVEN: CTHULHU INVICTUS LOGO STICKER ($32,500) – for all physical reward backers. STRETCH GOAL EIGHT, THE LEGACY OF ARRIUS LURCO ACQUISITION AND 7TH EDITION CONVERSION NOTES ($34,000) Golden Goblin Press is also running a short 1-week Kickstarter at the end of this month from midnight on Friday, March 25th to midnight on Friday March 31. Cold Warning is a 7th Edition Jazz Era Call of Cthulhu Scenario set in Arkham Massachusetts and Hudson Maine. What begins with the a dubious suicide of Joseph Sutton and the strange behavior of his widow Marilyn leads investigators to Winter Haven, a remote hunting lodge in rural Maine. Here they experience mysterious goings on, encounter suspicious lodge guests and staff, learn of ancient legends, and confront strange and frightening creatures before finally witnessing the awesome power of a Great Old One. The Author Scott David Aniolowski. Look at MUP socmed feeds for the link! YSDC’s The Whisperer in Wax – returns. The Whisperer in Darkness cylinder is available to purchase once again in very limited numbers. See the wax cylinder in action, courtesy of The British Library: Gongrats to Stygian Fox for the funding of Fear’s Sharp Little Needles! Satanic Panic – a horror RPG about how evil RPGs are. The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council is planning an event at the Providence Athenaeum, one of the author’s favorite places in the city. Read more here. Here’s an Arkham Gazette update – AG #2, the one focusing on Innsmouth, is approaching the halfway mark in its revision, Ian McLean is hammering out some NPC art and the re-issue is expected to be done in a few weeks. Free RPG Day – Chaosium is a Gold Sponsor for Free RPG Day this year, which means there will be ten copies of our offering in each retailer pack (Spoiler: it’s Runequest, not CoC.) H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cool Air” DVD/Blu-ray release Bryan Moore’s stellar film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale “Cool Air” is finally coming to DVD/Blu-ray in “Duo-Chrome”!!! Elder Dice – Cthulhu Mythos themed dice for tabletop gamers Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes

Topic- Mike Mason fills us in on Chaosium happenings

Storm Doris was a thing. They name storms in the UK. And here’s why. 1. Two-Headed Serpent 2. Greater Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic 3. Tales of Sandy Petersen 4. Down Darker Trails 5. Alone Against the Dark 6. Chaosium convention schedule – Origins, GenCon, Necronomicon, UK Games Expo, Essen, Kraken, Concrete Cow   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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