New RSS Feed Exclusively for Actual Play Games

As mentioned in episode 30 and on the forum, we decided to split the AP recordings into their own feed. This offers the advantage of giving listeners the choice if they want to subscribe to one or the other, as well as I can set specifications and flags for them differently. For instance, the Live-Play feed is marked as Explicit, as they are not edited for content or language.     Here are buttons to the Podcast feed and the Live Play feed, using both iTunes and the standard RSS link. Podcast on iTunes Link Podcast on RSS Link Live-Play on iTunes Link Live-Play on RSS Link These can also be found on the right-hand menu on the web site To celebrate the mutation of the one feed into two, we’ll have an exclusive Actual Play recording from a well known Call of Cthulhu writer. This is the first game recording this particular person has done, and he sent us the audio to share with all of you. It will be available this coming weekend on the web site and the new AP Feed.]]>

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