MUP Live Play- Life After Death

MU Podcast is proud to present the first ever recorded session featuring author Oscar Rios!
This game took place at a College of Staten Island Gaming Club Event. April 25th, 2013
The Players Featured are:
Joseph Potenza -as Ramanii Randeed
Mike Miley – as Kevin Meep
Regina Mireau – as Whozarrii
Andrew Fattorusso –  as Brakkis
Marty Bear – as Lukenu
Sean Foster – Assisting
Oscar Rios – Author and Keeper.
The origins of this scenario, as written by Oscar:
“Life After Death was written to be a part of a Chaosium Project that never took shape, a sequel to Singers of Strange Songs.  It’s sat on my computer since 2005 (I think).  It is currently unpublished and there are no plans for the scenario’s future (which means anything is possible).”
Live Play episodes are not edited for content. Adult discretion is advised.]]>

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