MUP 150 – Sesquicentennial in a Bottle

This episode is our sesquicentennial! To celebrate, the hosts review some clips from past episodes. Our editors, Sean, Edwin and Max (but particularly Sean) inserted some hilarious sections and throwbacks – and touching messages from friends of the show. This one really took some effort, and we are so very grateful. This episode was recorded over the course of 6 years, since March 2012. A big warning: this one is totally explicit and salty AF.

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Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is Miskatonic U’s student paper. Here’s where we go through Mythos related news and feedback to the podcast. This Campus Crier was recorded on June 22, 2018. Chaosium has announced a PDF release date for the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign: Sunday, July 1st – which was yesterday. It’s $60 for the PDF. That money will go toward the retail price if you buy a print copy later – maybe 3 or 4 months down the road. The PDF is 666 pages! The latest Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press went live on Friday, June 29th. It’s called Tails of Valor and Terror. This will be the first supplemental material in support of Sixty Stone Press’ Cathulhu – Velvet Paws on Cthulhu’s Trail. Tails of Valor is a collection of three scenarios, where your feline investigators will battle the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos in ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, and dark ages France. The scenarios are by Jeffrey Moeller, Stuart Boon, and Oscar Rios. There is also a fiction collection with at least a dozen stories, featuring cat protagonists of various sorts. Check the Kickstarter page for more details. It will run through July 29th. Darker Hue Studios is making some news. First, Harlem Unbound has been named as a nominee for the Diana Jones Award! A big congratulations. Comments on the site: “While most games dodge the issues of racism, often claiming it not suitable for gaming, Harlem Unbound places them front and center and focuses the spotlight on them until they begin to smoke and burn. It’s an important book in that it takes games as a serious art form in which such matters can be explored, plumbed, and — if we’re lucky — understood.” Chris Spivey will also be a guest of honor at the “High Level Gaming” and “U-Con” this year. So that’s pretty cool. High Level Gaming is in Atlantic City in October, and U-Con is in Ann Arbor in November. AND Chris has also teased that he is working on a campaign for Chaosium using the Pulp Cthulhu rules for a modern superhero-Mythos campaign. He has been calling it [Redacted]. And I am teasing right now what I am under an NDA to playtest said [Redacted] project. AND Chris is developing a new Basic Role Playing-based science fiction line for Chaosium! More info will be released at GenCon!

He’s looking for contributors. Interested? Click here! 

Sentinel Hill Press has announced that copies of the revamped and expanded version of Arkham Gazette #2, the “Innsmouth issue,” is now available, in print and in PDF on DriveThruRPG. That means all three of the first issues of the Gazette are available, and Arkham Gazette #4 is closing in toward completion. He says to look for it, hopefully, late this summer. Also, there’s an update on “The Dare” Kickstarter – Badger has sent along some sample pages. Layout is getting hammered out and Bret says there should be “a rough version for backers in the near term.” Chaosium has officially re-launched its fiction line, with James Lowder at the helm as executive editor of fiction. In September, we’ll see the humorous picture book H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon for Beginning Readers, by R.J. Ivankovic. Coming in October is Sisterhood: Dark Tales and Secret Histories which is an anthology of horror and Mythos stories set in female religious communities around the globe and across the centuries, including some of the genre’s leading female voices. Then in November, The Leaves of a Necronomicon, a braided novel revealing the fates of the doomed owners of one particular copy of that infamous cursed tome. And a heartfelt thank you to SEAN for editing this episode, but also to his conspiracy partners of Edwin and Max for all the extra work on this particular episode.

Listening Room

Our resident disciplinarian, Mr. Tyler, is back in session, this time with a new topic for all the boys and GHOULS. A note about Tyler – you have got to check out the podcast he co-hosts, Book Reports Podcast, which covers all kinds of cool stories from Henry Kuttner and Ray Branbury and scads of others. That’s co hosted by Sam Tyler and Bryce Diener. This time we also throw back to “MU Podcast Episode 9 – Roll SAN,” the first appearance of Dr. Gerard’s History Lecture. Once again, if you have any interest in producing a segment for the podcast, please contact

Main Topic

This is our version of a “bottle episode.” Along the way, we mention a whole ton of shows and links. This section is a work in progress, because we have to send this episode to your ears now. Check back in a day or so for more links!]]>

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