MUP ep 256 – Xtra XP From XPLoveCat

This episode Keepers Murph and Dave talk with Youtuber XPLovecat about gaming and life!

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Main Topic — 

A chat with XPLoveCat. Leslie is a part of a fundraiser for the month of October called “Play Cancer Away” ( which plays RPGs to raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer. Check out her YouTube channel ( and the editing services she provides for RPGs on her website (

  • Do you find that YouTube is a less toxic platform than the RPG blog-o-sphere, or convention gaming?
  • How’d you come up with the name XPLovecat?
  • Do you do your own video editing?
  • How does she decide what topics to make videos on? Do certain ones reliably get more traction?
  • What professional services do you offer for those in the ttRPG community?
  • What value does developmental editing add, and how should MR authors go about using it?