MUP Ep 255 — Mojave Helicopter Madness with the HPLHS

This episode, Keepers Murph, Dave, and Bridgett interview Andrew Leman and Sean Branney from the award-winning HP Lovecraft Historical Society!

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Main Topic

Podcasting, researching, burying live bodies, and helicopters over the Mohave with Sean and Andrew of HPLHS!

What follows is Andrews images and some text about the Helicopter Story told at the end of this episode.

Here was the giant symbol as seen from the chopper. The two little red arrows are pointing to cars, to give you some sense of how big the thing was. This photo has been retouched to hide the other rocketry symbol that was also present.

Here’s the unretouched picture:

And here’s an enhanced view:

Here’s the view as they were landing.

And here we are taking off at sunset.

The intrepid investigators: Stephanie Morey, Dan Harper, and Sean

This was the mummified corpse revealed by the earthquake that they flew out to examine. There is a creepy statue clutched in its right hand.

Here they are examining it:

Chris Lackey, also of podcast fame, played the sheriff. We turned my Toyota into a sheriff’s car.

Sean, as coroner, performed an autopsy on the mummy, removing its glass eye. That was how they identified the corpse as a fellow named J.D. Titan, who had disappeared in the 1930s while being investigated for murder. Titan was one of my old player characters from our original Call of Cthulhu days.

The photo used in this newspaper clipping was taken at one of our earlier Cthulhu Lives! games from around 1989.