MU Podcast 031 – Golden Oscar

We have guest host Oscar Rios, president of Golden Goblin Press! We talk about his first book with the new company, a future project for Golden Goblin, and how he found the Mythos. We also get into Robert E. Howard’s work in the Mythos.           Campus Crier

 Pelgrane Press News

Ken Writes About Stuff – subscribe now to 12 issues of Ken Hite-ly goodness. Topics have been given in advance! Talking at Yourself by Robin D. Laws, useful advice on how to manage conversations with multiple NPCs. The Call of Chicago: Expediting, Ordering, Inquiring – a sneak peak at the upcoming Mythos Expeditions by Kenneth Hite How to play GUMSHOE – Kevin Kulp explains General Abilities and Investigative Abilities for new players


The H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project will erect a life size tribute to the iconic author in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

HPPodcraft Live at NecronomiCon has succeeded and we get a new podcast on the way!


Artist Jason Thompson, at

 This guys is freaking amazing. He illustrated Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and has tons of Mythos pics on his site, and a full color poster map of the Dreamlands. Freaking awesome!

Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion

Listen to it get funded while recording!

Murph also mentions copies of the Express Diaries have arrived at Chaosium.


We now have a new RSS/iTunes feed exclusive to live play games. Last weekend we released a game recorded and run by our guest Oscar Rios. Look over at the right to grab the link!

In the wings we have a Delta Green one-shot game run by EddyPo, and a MAPS game with three sessions run by Dan. Card Catalog This week’s hidden online resource for keepers is:

WWI propaganda postcards

  Main Topic

The Side topic and Main topic were combined together into one longer conversation. We start off with a talk about Robert E. Howard’s work in the Mythos, then we go into all the things happening at Golden Goblin Press.

The Fire Of Asshurbanipal The Black Stone

Masters Of Horror – the original stories in audio

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