MUP Episode 181 – PODCASTING CAGE MATCH! Live Show at NecronomiCon with Some Good Friends!

This episode is our 2019 NecronmiCon live show in Providence, when The Miskatonic University Podcast and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias girded for a battle royale that will pit Host vs. Host in a “lightning debate” format over a passel of divisive topics. Hosts: Charles “Keeper Chad” Gerard, Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, Jon Hook, Brian “Murph” Murphy, and Matt Sanderson. This episode was recorded on August 23, 2019. WARNING: This episode contains explicit language, and nothing was bleeped.

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MUP and the Good Friends of Jackson Elias convened at NecronomiCon in Providence on August 23, 2019 for the second combined live show after the inaugural in 2017. We decided to try a “lightning debate” format, and after gathering suggestions from listeners and brainstorming for a few weeks, landed on some very silly prompts to tussle over. Sadly, Keeper Dan was not present. But stay tuned for a rousing audience-generated “thank you” to the MUP mastermind.

“Lovecraft’s stories would make terrible Call of Cthulhu scenarios.”
FOR: Chad, Jon, Matt…and Murph as an accidental turncoat.
AGAINST: Scott, and…Mike Mason as pinch hitter.
Paul serves as referee.

“Sometimes, you just have to fudge dice rolls.”
FOR: Murph, Matt.
AGAINST: Chad, Scott and Paul.
Jon serves as referee.

“An Army of Deep Ones would beat an army of Mi-Go.”
FOR: Paul, Scott
AGAINST: Jon, Murph, Matt
Chad serves as referee.

“Historical scenarios are better than modern or contemporary scenarios.”
FOR: Matt, Jon
AGAINST: Scott, Paul, Murph
Jon serves as referee.

Audience-suggested topic #1: Professor Armitage, hero or villain?
HERO: Paul, Jon
VILLAIN: Matt, Chad, Scott

Audience-suggested topic #2: Wilbur Whately vs. Harry Potter?
POTTER: Matt, Scott, Murph, Paul

“August Derleth was the best thing to happen to the Cthulhu Mythos.”
FOR: Matt, Jon, Murph
AGAINST: Scott, Chad
Paul serves as referee.