MUP Episode 179 – I Cast Summon Scenario

This episode, Chad, Dan and Murph are casting spells to conjure scenarios. A big thank you to Golden Goblin Press for sponsoring this episode! This episode was recorded on August 1st, 2019.

Campus Crier

Correction one. Some foreign correspondents have expense accounts. Vanishingly smaller numbers over the last few decades, but yes, it is a thing. On big stories, normally you get a budget for reimbursement, and it’s usually paltry, and you have to show receipts for everything, even when you are a full-time correspondents. It has been like that for a very long time.
Correction two. Listen. Vampires are horror. Yes. No argument there.

Choose Cthulhu – from Sans Detour…
So last year Chaosium said the French company Sands Detour was was extremely late in payment of royalty fees for their licensed material. Chaosium decided not renew their Call of Cthulhu license. They ended their relationship with Chaosium on a sour note, with two large books owed to Kickstarter backers. The deal struck with Chaosium allowed them to finish fulfillment of those KS’ers, but thereafter revoked their right to make licensed CoC material. But recently they announced that they were about to launch another KS for a brand new Cthulhu-related product under a system-free set of game books. They have been told by Chaosium that the latter believe this new KS is a breach of Chaosium IP.

Critical Roll has started their Call of Cthulhu campaign Shadow of the Crystal Palace and after just 24 hours, it has almost 240,000 views! This is a pivotal moment for CoC and it comes in just days after a report from Roll20 that lists Call of Cthulhu as the third most played system on their platform behind Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. So congratulations Chaosium!

Discord server invite link >>

And thank you so much to Chad for editing this episode.


Thanks to Golden Goblin Press for their sponsorship this episode. We appreciate it. And congratulations to the whole GGP team for your ENnies Award!

Listening Room

Oscarious Tabularis brings us the third installment of this season’s Glimpses Into the Empire. This one is called “People are Strange.”

More info on Pliny the Elder on Blurry Photos >>

Mr. Tyler is finally out of detention hall, and this time he’s launched an after school gaming club that’s a little short on budget, but long on bloviate.

How to Play Cthulhu Wars – by Geek and Sundry

Hey, by the way Bret Kramer mentioned that the magic book in Mr Tyler’s segment last time was released in a critical academic edition by Dan Harms. Bret actually did a little gumshoe fact checking on that book, and ended up in some kind of antiquarian society library.


Hey guys,
I recently began listening to and enjoying the M.U. podcast, including the huge back catalog of episodes. The interview with Mike Mason from back in March 2018 stood out. Having myself published on the Miskatonic Repository, and looking at publishing a second module in the next couple of months, I’m wondering if you’ve considered focusing on the Repository in another episode, something along the lines of the state of the Repository one to two years in, as well as what some of the products or scenarios posted have contained that you’ve enjoyed, what you think is lacking, and any improvements that could be made to the Repository.

Additionally, is M.U. hosting or running any events at Necronomicon? I’ll be attending together with Randy Partain of the Cosmic Indifference Postcast (, and it would be great to get to see all of you in person.
Finally, apologies if this is already in episodes of yours I have yet to hear. As I said, only recently started listening.
Go pods!

Best regards,

I’ve been listening to the podcast for some time, I think since episode 152 or so. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to it popping up in my playlist.
Because you guys seems to know everything about mythos-related gaming, I figured you’d be the best people to ask this question. Has there ever been a setting for Call of Cthulhu in space? There’s been one supplement for Traveller — that I know about — with a mythos theme (Cthonian Stars), which kind of gets to the goal by pasting H.P. Lovecraft into a game set in space, but I was wondering if there was anything that went the other way: going into space and finding THEY HAVEN’T COME TO OUR WORLD! WE’VE GONE TO THEIRS!
Keep up the great work and Go Pods!

Dan in Illinois

Greetings Keepers!
I have been a big fan of your podcast since its incarnation, and from time to time will chime in with a comment or question regarding my favorite tabletop RPG. Last time I sent an email, it was regarding The Raid on Innsmouth scenario and making it work for Pulp Cthulhu. Needless to say, we have just wrapped up the campaign and it was a great success, piloting subs, firing .50 cal machine guns, having “Deep One flambeau” with flamethrowers, and finally using torpedoes and artillery fire to take down Father Dagon in the nick of time! With some bumps, bruises, and some sanity loss for the lucky ones, while others now suffer from ichthyophobia (fear of fish, the sea, etc, ) or have met their demise from a Deep One’s coral trident (definitely not a great way to go!).

Now that this is over, I set my eyes on a new campaign, The Masks of Nyarlathotep. My main problem, and the reason I’m writing you is how I can incorporate this adventure in the timeline we are currently in, which is 1929. I have always tried to incorporate little nuggets of history that happened back in that time, and nothing bigger coming up than Friday, October 29th or Black Tuesday. With the amount of despair that rocked the US (and the world, honestly) at that time, I thought it may tie in very well with this campaign, as well as their ties with the government, which ended amicably.

After skimming through the adventure, it seems like I can just “bump up the dates” to fit my timeline (right now, it’s mid February 1929 ), but is there something crucial in the adventure that needs to stay within the written timeline in the story? Or is it flexible enough that I can go ahead, start with the Peru adventure and adjust to fit? Or should I set my eyes at something “less epic” to coincide with the time period?

Sorry for rambling on and throwing so much at you, but your expertise in this would be greatly appreciated!
Go Pods!!!

Keeper Mike


Turning random spells into scenarios!