MUP Episode 106 – Do you KNOW if there's a LUCK APP?

MUP_Episode_106-Do_you_KNOW_if_theres_a_LUCK_APP-800In this week’s episode, the whole gang is on tap to cover the last of the characteristics. LUCK be a lady? Don’t mind if I EDU! Is there and APP for that? This episode was recorded on July 25th, 2016.

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Campus Crier

  • Necronomicon 2017 has been announced! Dates: August 17-20.
  • Legendary TV has been working on an anthology series based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, including “The Call of Cthulhu”, “The Dunwich Horror”, and others.
  • Stranger Things – the Netflix series everyone is talking about, is a thing! Keepers Jon and Murph approve. Keeper Jon says: “Stephen Spielberg meets H. P. Lovecraft (though many say “meets Stephen King”) Best Lovecraftian story on television… ever.”
  • Mansions of Madness – 2nd Edition – is out from Fantasy Flight Games. Now the game is run by an app, there is no “Keeper” player, and it is a fully co-op game. Blah… Where’s the fun without a Keeper?
  • Viewscream 2nd ed. From Rafael Chandler has been delivered.
  • Jon’s Lost Expedition has been released to backers in PDF format!
  • Puppetland – the proto-indie game by John Scott Tynes of that combines Mr. Rogers with House of 1000 Corpses – is now publicly available in PDF form. Hardcover is printing.
  • Lovecraft Film Festival is slated to get underway in Providence this Aug. 19 to 21.
  • Check out these musings from the desk of the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council regarding the HPL statue in ProvidenceMore information >>

Card Catalog

From Graham: Pulp Magazines Project, described as an open database of Pulp Magazines devoted to those that carried only fictional works.


Bill from Niagara Falls, Ontario calls to talk about splitting parties (send NPCs to do the boring bits). Canageek of the Suppressed Transmissions G+ group (which, again, we love) asks about gaming in the 1960s and Renaissance eras, among other things.

Golden Goblin Spotlight

The Heroes of Red Hook Kickstarter has concluded! Eight stretch goals were unlocked. Congratulations to all involved!


The owls are not what they APPear. Without further EDU…. Are you feeling LUCKy, punk? Discuss on the Campus Forum]]>

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