MUP 105 – Don’t Run, You’ll Only Die Winded

MUP_105-Dont_Run_Youll_Only_Die_Winded-800In this episode, the whole crew is back to discuss why you should DEX the halls, why POW corrupts and why SIZ matters. We can’t wait to stop making puns about characteristics. This episode was recorded on July 11th, 2016.

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is brought to you by our sponsor: Golden Goblin Press! Goblin_head
  • The Section 46 Field Manual from Cubicle 7 is now available to backers of the Cold War Cthulhu Kickstarter. It’ll be available for general sale “in a few weeks.” This is basically a player’s manual for the espionage plus Mythos setting, which takes place in the madcap 1970s during a lot of upheaval in the global intelligence community. Section 46 is the fictional department within the British SIS used as cover for fighting the Mythos. Officially, it is a department for coordinating intelligence with other allied governments.
  • Czech out the Section 46 post on YSDC Or just go to the Cold War Cthulhu Kickstarter page
  • You put politics in my Mythos! Check out Chaosium’s Cthulhu for President RPG. We are so curious.
  • Part 4 of A Time To Harvest comes out this week (7/15)
  • Cassilda’s Song was named as finalist for the World Fantasy Awards

Golden Goblin Spotlight:

We are happy to share that the Heroes of Red Hook KS has reached its funding goal with a couple weeks to spare. Oscar posted an update that details what the stretch goals will entail, and the order they’ll be found in.

Listener Feedback

We have a voicemail left by what sounds like it could be “Vitterman?” “Ritterven?” “Slenderman?”
“Hey, this is *Blah Blah* calling from a classroom way out west. Just wanted to say the Oscar interview was awesome and your guys’s recommendation when the Kickstarter went live is the reason I jumped in and I’m glad I did after listening to the interview so – Go Pods!”
And another voicemail from Keeper George, with a question on how we would handle a situation in a published scenario.
A scenario says to split the party. One will be more active than the other. Advice?


SIZ Advice from Keeper Jon: Don’t run, you’ll only die winded. In 7E it matters more than ever: affects Hit Points and Damage Bonus, plus Build and Movement Rate. POW Watch out for eyes appearing on your hands. DEX It’s the One Stat to Rule Them All. dexterity]]>

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