MUP Ep 239 – “It’s called range, Bridgett” with London Carlisle

Hello, and welcome to the Miskatonic University Podcast, Episode 239! This is the podcast dedicated to weird and horrific role-playing games. I’m Keeper Bridgett.

And I’m Keeper Murph. Tonight Bridgett and I are super excited to welcome London Carlisle to the show!

Bridget has a fan-girl crush moment…

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on November 18, 2021.  

The creators of Mork Borg has launched a kickstarter for their new cyber-punk game using the same system called Cy_Borg. They have about $350k at the time of writing and are blowing through stretch goals.

Just when you thought Weird Tales was gone for good they are back! And this time it seems they might actually be able to stick around! Blackstone Publishing has entered into an agreement with the classic horror and pulp magazine to produce 50 books over five years with the Weird Tales Presents brand. The first offering is supposed to be released fall of ‘22. And they plan on a special release in 2023 for the 100 year anniversary of Weird Tales.

By the time this episode drops the latest kickstarter from Free League will be available. Vaesen: Mythic Britain and Ireland is a companion setting book for the weird horror RPG that came out in 2020.


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Special shout out to Emma, dog of Evan Perlman. She’s featured in the petpic channel hanging out with Evan’s daughter princess dresses. Evan states, and I quote, “because she is a pretty pretty princess, damnit.”

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Recent Gaming

Bridgett – Chris Hall ran For the Queen — beautiful art cards — simple story creation — need to pick it up and carry around with me for cons, down time, etc

Y’all of Cthulhu Season 2 Recordings with Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Main Topic

London Carlisle can be found here:

Okay, so I have ALL the questions, but we only have like an hour… so before I delve into all of your awesome projects, can we please talk about how ridiculously awesome you are? You’re trained in the katana?! 

Okay– these dialects though? Can we get a sampling? I have a thing for dialects!

Okay, talk to us about all of these podcasts and actual plays that you’re on! It’s a really impressive resume!

What’s your favorite genre of RPGs and why is it horror? Same vein, you do television, film, gaming, stage… what’s your happy place and why?

The Ending

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