MUP Ep 240 — Philosophy of Horror with Cody Goodfellow

This episode, Keepers Dave and Bridgett interview writer, editor, actor, and longtime friend of the show, Cody Goodfellow!

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Chaosium is currently working with EDGE to release an English translation of @alexdelaIglesia

‘s ‘La Broma Macabra’ in 2022. As well as being a long-time devoted Call of Cthulhu fan, Álex de la Iglesia is the acclaimed Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer, whose series 30 Monetas (“30 Coins”) recently featured on HBO in the United States.

HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising is a narrative game that will be released on PC and Mac. It follows the adventures of three protagonists in late 1929, just before the Wall Street Crash, as occult forces are at work to bring our planet under the dominion of the cosmic terror of dread Nyarlathotep. The game is intended for those who enjoy the atmosphere and horror of H.P Lovecraft novels, those nostalgic for Steve Jackson’s ‘Fighting Fantasy’ or the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, and for lovers of narrative games that allow you to dive into multiple stories and histories.

It’s on Kickstarter right now, with about $6k of the requested $28k funded. We wish them luck.

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Main Topic

Cody Goodfellow

Let’s go back to ostensibly the start. I want to talk about Secrets of San Francisco because I’m running a Bookhounds of SF game and I’ve used your book multiple times. When you look back at that book – what is your perspective on its legacy? Either for yourself as author, or in the line of CoC books? Both?

Talk about New Maps of Dreams – where does the interest for Dreamlands come from? It seems like a rarely discussed or written-about sub-genre, but one that seems to be hard to fill successfully. How does this book add to the Dreamlands mythos?

Talk about your involvement with Skin Crawl magazine

Forbidden Futures

Finally, tell us about your new book The Flying None

Cody – where can people find you?