MUP Ep 236 – John Haremza & COREThulhu

This episode Keepers Bridgett & Murph speak with John Haremza of the Legends of Tabletop podcast and the new CoreThulhu RPG. Well, Bridgett tries to speak. Laryngitis, y’know?

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on October 06, 2021.  

PAX Unplugged is coming back in December to Philadelphia and you will need a mask and full vaccination in order to attend. This is following a trend that other conventions, such as UK Games EXPO & ESSEN Spiel, have put into place for public safety. GenCON & Origins continued with only a mask mandate in place but no proof of vaccination or a negative test. 

Chaosium has acquired Dhole’s House this week, the popular online character creation tool for Call of Cthulhu. And it has hired the former owner and site creator, Lee Carnell, as an in-house software developer. 

In case you are not aware, The Calyx has started again and our very own Bridgett Jefferies is again on the cast! Becca Scott is the Keeper with Gina DeVivo, Paula Deeming, and Bridgett as investigators.

The Discord Plug

We have our MUP Discord and we are all there! We invite all of our listeners to come and enjoy the community of horror gaming and cute pet pics.

Special shout out to Mike, who returned home from Origins to find that his son had befriended a Wookie. Seriously, it’s a dog in a Wookie costume and his newborn baby. It’s SUPER cute. 

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And thank you beaucoup to Sean for editing this episode. 

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John Haremza from Legends of Tabletop

CORE Micro
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