MUP Ep 217 – The Auction & The Pale God

This episode, Keepers Jon and Dave dissect and analyze to classic scenarios, The Auction and The Pale God!

Also, please keep Keeper Murph in your thoughts as he and his family continues to struggle with his father’s advancing cancer diagnosis.

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on January 16th, 2021.

The Vaesen RPG Launched Today on Fantasy Grounds & Steam. If you play RPGs on FG and want to play Vaesen, then you are set.

The Malleus Monstrorum Keeper Deck is a collection of 66 monster cards that enhance your Call of Cthulhu gaming experience, and is now on sale on the Chaosium site for $14.99. Now you can have all those tasty monster goodies right at your fingertips.

World of Darkness and D&D RPG writer and designer Jackie Cassada dies of COVID-19. Jackie was a big contributor to the WoD line, as well as to the Ravenloft setting for D&D. She died in December but her partner is still suffering from complications to COVID-19 and there is a Go Fund Me page to help with her medical bills. 

New trailer for a new Lovecraftian horror movie Sacrifice is out and it looks pretty crazy and weird and horrible. And Barbara Crampton! Sacrifice is set to hit select theaters on February 5 and will be followed by a VOD release on February 9 and Blu-ray debut on February 23.

A new Kickstarter for Svalbard by Two Starving Gnolls — Kickstarter  is out and it looks very cool. A roguelike scenario that’s got time travel and Azathoth and respawning, oh my! There is also Mythos Monsters: 40+ Lovecraftian horrors for DnD 5E by Legendary Games which is doing gangbusters on KS.

There are TWO, count them ONE TWO Mork Borg Kickstarters now! MÖRK BORG CULT: HERETIC by Johan Nohr and Corpsewake Cove for Mörk Borg by Ember + Ash — Kickstarter.

Chaosium just announced today on Facebook a second printing of Horror on the Orient Express is coming soon! It will be two hardcover books, plus a fold-out poster-sized map. It will be a print-on-demand product. It’s not yet known if the books are going to be updated for 7th Edition, (but we think it will be), and the release date was not given yet, other than to say, “Soon.”


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Main Topic

Keepers Jon and Dave discuss a couple of classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios, and how to run them for a 7th Edition audience.

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