MUP Ep. 211 – Good As Gould

This episode Keepers Dave and Murph talk with author, sensitivity reader, & member of Rusty Quill, Helen Gould!

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on October 24th, 2020. 

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Recent Gaming

Have you been able to play anything recently? What have you been doing in gaming? 

Rusty Quill Podcast

Corporation Game

Murph – I played in the finale of Destroyer of Worlds for Alien RPG run by our friend Chris aka iPwned on the Discord. It was great! I was able to determine that Roll20 only allows you to roll 18 dice at a time, so my attempted 90d6 roll had to be done in chunks.

Then I also ran a game of Troika! for some of my Wednesday Group. And it was soo much fun! Troika! is an rpg that was apparently created by putting a magic-mushroom eating Lewis Carrol and William Burroughs on junk in the middle of the Surrealist Exhibition in Birmingham and asking them to create an RPG setting. It’s fantastic.

Dave – I am waist deep in play-testing my super secret Cthulhu game, and that’s going great. I am also prepping to run Alien Chariot of the Gods for my Sunday group, and will start that tomorrow. I’ve been watching the Alien movies in preparation, director’s cut and all. Covenant… sigh.

Main Topic

If you would like to listen to Helen in action then check out The Rusty Quill/ Stellar Firma Halloween special where Helen is the GM running Grant Howlitt’s Beautiful Space Pirates or on her Patreon & blog.

An excellent speech Helen gave about the subtle forms of racism in SFF is here as well.

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