MUP Ep. 210 – A Chat with Cat Tobin

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on October 10th, 2020. 

Our friend and editor of the show, Edwin, is involved in the Midderland 5e setting Kickstarter! The book is a setting and bestiary for the “green-hued dark-fantasy” based on middle England. Edwin did the 5e conversion for the setting and Ennie Award winning artist, Glynn Seal is the primary author, artist, and layout artist. I’ve seen the 11 page teaser PDF and it looks really quite cool. You can get a PDF for $25, $35 for a POD softcover, and $45 will get you a hardback with an amazing fold out map.

There is a PDF “taster” available here:!Asryxq7YIiBZhtYMcbTPSbPWDiKf9Q?e=0fsfef

Good Friend of Jackson Elias and all round awesome guy Paul Fricker has a new scenario for Call of Cthulhu out in the Miskatonic Repository called Full Fathom Five, a reference to Shakespeare’s Ariel’s song. It is set on board a whaling ship in the Pacific ocean in 1847 and involves a series of deaths or murders on board. Some of our own illustrious members, past and present, have played this as playtesters including Keepers Dan & Chad, Editor Max and a whole slew of other people we know and love. It looks really fantastic, so go and check it out. You can get the PDF at DriveThru for $6.99

Mork Bork and the Swedish Kartel are releasing an LP! Putrescence Regnant is billed an “ear-shattering, rot reeking bog crawl for Mork Borg.” A little more info was leaked with the cryptic announcement at the Mork Borg Discord server of which we have a screenshot in the show notes.

Cyberpunk Red, Mike Pondsmith’s iconic dystopian sci-fi RPG, finally has a release date and a price point! Cyberpunk Red will come in at $60 for the physical book and $30 for the PDF, and should come out on November 19th and Nov 14th for the digital. Thanks to a data dump at the R. Talorisian website, we know the book has 457 pages and 211,000 words and 143 individual pieces of art! Murph is excited about this one.

Brett Kramer’s Sentinel Hill Press has finally re-released The Dare, that fantastic CoC scenario that we all love, and updated it for 7th edition! You can pick it up at DTRPG for $14.99, and that price will be discounted from the eventual price of a physical book that is also coming out soon! Congrats to Brett for getting this all wrapped up!

Sunken the gm-less RPG using Trophy Dark, of which I am a backer, is at the printers! I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to have this book in hand, because the PDF was absolutely gorgeous.

Arkham Relic Hunt from Squamous Studios, something else that Dave and Murph have backed, is about to ship out within days of this recording.

Children of Fear, a new Call of Cthulhu campaign set in classic 1920s mentioned way back in 2019 is finally getting some updates from Chaosium! Lynne Hardy’s campaign across Asia will come out early 2021 and is 416 pages long. The cover was released through all of their social media outlets. 

A DG hack of Cthulhu Dark called Cthulhu Deep Green has been released on DTRPG and it looks really quite cool. The latest scenario that was just released and is called The Linear Men. You can get both of these from DTRPG and both have a POD option that at the time of recording was $12 & $15 each, so a pretty good deal. And I’m a sucker for Cthulhu Dark clones and so I’ve already bought Deep Green and it is pretty awesome.

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