MUP 144 – Darkness, Deliver My Players Unto Thee

In this episode Dan, Jon, and Murph talk about the green eye in the sky, everyone’s favorite god of the caves, Cyaegha, and we also have some listener feedback to respond to. Plus, we have another addition to the Card Catalog, and two more listener submitted segments. This episode was recorded on April, 27th , 2018.

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New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2ed for Call of Cthulhu

‘New Tales from Miskatonic Valley’ 2nd Edition produced under license for the Call of Cthulhu RPG by Chaosium Inc. A BIG THANK YOU TO MAX for editing this episode!


From: Justin

The Darkhold ran as 9 issues for a comic book when they tied in the supernatural comics in the Marvel Universe into the Midnight Sons in the ‘90s. Each page of the book was a spell, and many of the spells had escaped as separate pages and a Group was trying to collect them together. It had a very Friday the 13th The Series feel and was a decent read, worth picking up since it was only a short run before being ended. Oh, and there was a dark little person associated with handing out the pages, this could be a servant of Nyarlathotep spreading discord.

From: Keeper Michael

Subject: Podcast and beginner keeper thoughts Hi everyone, I am a new keeper, though have had many years playing “that other medieval fantasy game” for over 20 years. A friend in my group turned me on to c.o.c. About a year ago and was instantly hooked! I listened to a few of your actual gameplays, and loved how taking a basic introductory adventure like The Haunting and turned it upside down on its head. Sadly you didn’t have time to finish it, but was curious about the table in Corbitts basement that had some random astrological stuff, books,etc. I am running this for the first time and would love to get some ideas as to how to spin what’s on the table into another adventure. I was thinking, if successful with this, to go either into dead mans stomp, or dead light, unless perhaps you think there may be something better to tie this into something just as creepy? Keep up the great work guys, I always look forward to each and every podcast! Regards, Keeper Michael

From: Grotonomus

Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 10:43 PM Subject: Sears Roebuck 1918 Hello Gents, Grotonomus here, Your friendly USFS Field Archaeologist with a secret weapon of mine when working on historic sites. The Sears Roebuck and Company listings with a few complete catalogs. 1918 Catalog Be mindful of the pdf load times. They are 1600 pages and about half a gigabyte. These catalogs are a treasure trove of consumer culture in the late 19th and early 20th century. Replete with some color art, prices, and shipping costs. You can find just about everything available at the time in these fine tomes. There are also home building plan catalogs and headstone/monument catalogs. Best wishes, and game on my good chums! Adam P.S. Yes, CoC helped me on my way to becoming an Archaeologist. Well, that and Indy of course.

From: Danial

Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 10:48 AM Subject: Cop Talk Feedback Hey Guys, Great episode. I just wanted to throw in another option I don’t believe you covered (I listen while driving so it’s possible I just missed it), but what if the police recruit you? They show up after your misdeeds and realize you’re chasing the same people so they look the other way in the hope that you’ll do all the hard work for them. This could be handled as either a “we could really use your help on this one” type deal, or a “do this or we’ll throw you in the slammer!” type jerk maneuver 🙂  


Oscarius Tabularis has sent us the next Glimpses into the Empire; Episode Five – Devotio Next up, we have another segment on horror folklore in Japan from Jonathan. This episode is about Hitobashira, or Human Pillars


Created by Belgian sci-fi/horror writer Eddy C. Bertin in the story Darkness, My Name Is. Cyaegha is the god of caves that is worshiped by a small village in Western Germany. He is served by the Nagäae, a strange toad-like servitor race. And guarded and contained simultaneously by five lesser demon-like beings called the Vaeyen. He is a giant mass of black tentacles with a giant green eye in CoC. In the source material, he is made of a dark that is blacker than black and his tentacles are shadow and darkness. His eye is mistaken for a green moon. In combat he floats over an area and grabs victims and crushes them. CoC makes it sound rather dull, but the source material describes it as blotting out the sky and replacing the sky in the valley between the hills. One of the Nagäae is a giant transparent toad that slides across the ground, pushing itself forward with its hind-legs. This made Dan think of the 2nd for of Shin Godzilla.]]>

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