MUP 143 – Cop Talk and Other Effluvia

In this episode, all four hosts are back together again to tackle a topic suggestion from “Uncle Tim” about how to use law enforcement without disrupting the flow of your game. Plus listener segments and more! This episode was recorded on April 12, 2018.

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Campus Crier

A new 12-page Delta Green scenario by Dennis Detwiller called “Sweetness” is available via DriveThruRPG in both PDF and Print on Demand. Blurb: “The Bernier family of Tampa, Florida, has been terrorised by a fire and weird graffiti. Police suspect a hate crime. The mark on the door, carved with a horn or a claw and smeared with blood and effluvia, makes Delta Green think otherwise. One of their experts says it’s the symbol of Kore, queen of the underworld, goddess of an ancient mystery cult.” A new rules-lite Lovecraftian-style roleplaying game from Les Livres de l’Ours is available on DriveThruRPG. The makers say the system was inspired by Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Traveller and others. This version is 34-pages and “art-free” at a pay-what-you-want price. Promo copy “So grab a character sheet, 2D6, pick a profession and a reputation and go fight the Old Ones or die screaming.” The money made by this version will pay for the art of the final version. Syrinscape and Chaosium have announced a new partnership to release “official sounds” for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Syrinscape is an app that creates movie-like, immersive sound for tabletop games. There’a a Kickstarter for Call of Cthulhu leather campaign journals to enhance your gaming experience. “Be the dread author of your own story.” A new edition of Alone Against the Dark: Defying the Triumph of the Ice is out now from Chaoisum. This has been revised and updated to 7th Edition and is by Matt Costello. Murph got his RPGCoaster of Cthulhu last week, and it is awesome…. From Michael O’Brien: “The launch date for our Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection Kickstarter has been set—April 17th. And they say they are excited to be launching our first Lovecraftian board game since 1987!” A BIG THANK YOU TO EDWIN for editing this episode!


First up, strap yourselves in to the Wayback Machine, Sherman, we’re on our way to Ancient Rome for a tale from Oscarius Tabularis about…the worst dinner party ever. Then, get your paper footballs ready to snap through the goalposts of ennui, as we settle into Mr. Tyler’s detention hall – for some more thoughts on a Mythos minion we’ve covered here recently. To read more from Mr. Tyler check out Skullduggery in the Smoke.


“Hello Miskatonic University Podcast this is Tim McGonagle here, long time fan of the show and occasional minion for Golden Goblin Press calling you gents from New York City. I have an idea for a topic regarding the authorities and consequences in Call of Cthulhu and the role the police and similar types may play in scenarios. When do the police become part of scenario if a player character crosses an obvious line into blatant illegal activity? As a GM, how do you balance keeping the game realistic and grounded if a character goes overboard with an illegal action and gets busted? How does a Keeper not let realistic consequences stymie the game when say one or more PCs are picked up by the coppers and are looking at an extended stay at the old graybar hotel? This topic could also be expanded to authority figures in relationship to a player character’s profession, and the consequences for them breaking the rules as it relates to their “day job” when they are doing Mythos investigator work. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Keep up the great work you guys and of course G-O P-O-D-S, GO PODS!”
Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #451 Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #696 Scenarios where you can find info on crime and law include: King of Chicago – Secrets of Marseilles And here is a handy YSDC link for a list of scenarios where the players are criminals. Including: Toying with Humans The Eyes Between Worlds from Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder. Players take on the roles of Chinese Triads who have come to the Kingdom of Bhutan. The scenario in the Escape from Innsmouth book involves law enforcement in some interesting ways, including a potential jailbreak scene With Malice Aforethought from Arkham Country, there is a whole court case situation.]]>

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