MU Podcast Campus Crier Supplemental Nov 28

Keeper Dan chimes in with a brief update on current events on the podcast and in the Mythos Game-o-sphere. There won’t be an episode on the weekend of November 30th due to Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. The hosts are all out of town or in their family crypts for unspeakable festivities. We’ll be back to our regular episode release schedule for December 14. We’ll have to see how the holidays play merry havoc with our host scheduling again.

Campus Crier

  • Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition is OUT! The 7e Keeper’s Rulebook, the Investigator’s Guide, and the Keeper’s Screen Packs have been released in several digital formats for all. Apart from the usual PDF format, there are also e-pub, mobi, and prc for all your reading device needs. Backers of the 7e Kickstarter got all of the formats in one bundle.
Additional 7th Edition news is that Chaosium has decided to not print the 7e books in softcover at all. The backers who opted for the softcover format will get a free upgrade to hardcover books, and those who already had a hardcover book level get $40 credit on the Chaosium store!
  •  Speaking of crowd funding backers getting digital goodies, we have released a number of rewards to our lovely IndieGogo backers! If you backed at the Sophomore level or up, you should have received an e-mail with links to rewards at your level. Sophomore and up received the Miskatonic Area Paranormal Society Member Guide and Field Handbook, and Senior and up got Dagon read by Keeper Chad and a Cthulhu Dark Ages game with Vikings that Chad ran. More backer rewards will come out as they’re ready. If you are a backer at Sophomore or above and did not receive an e-mail, let Dan know via one of the show contact methods.
  • Our sponsor Cryptocurium will be having a Blackest Friday special this coming weekend. Go take a look at what’s available on the store.
  • There’s a very cool looking game called Silent Legions: A Sandbox Horror RPG currently on Kickstarter. The game description includes, “A Lovecraftian horror RPG from the creator of Stars Without Number designed for sandbox play and home-brewed Mythos creation“. If that doesn’t appeal to our community, I don’t know what will.

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