MU Podcast 068 – The New Hotness

MUP_068_The_New_HotnessIn episode 68, Jon, Chad and Dan get together and geek out about the beautiful horror contained within the eldritch electrons of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition! There’s a lot of general discussion about the Core Rulebook as well as narrowing the talk to a few of the key new or modified features we can play with. This episode was recorded on December 14, 2014.

Campus Crier

  • Portal to Hell!!! — Roddy Piper vs. Cthulhu? Co-starring in a short film? Yes please!
  • Weird Detective — A modern investigative roleplaying game where you act as detectives in a world of weird and paranormal horror

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Main Topic

This episode, we finally get to crack open a copy of the 7th Edition rules and delve into the details. Just to get our hands dirty, we each picked a section to cover. Jon talks about the new Push mechanic, as well as bonus and penalty dice. Dan talks about Chase mechanics, and Chad talks about some of the new nuances in the Sanity mechanics. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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