MUP 146 – Lynne Hardy, 'Of Chaosium'

This episode, we are kicking off our part of Women in Tabletop Gaming Month, which is the month of June. We’re talking to a number of women in the realm of horror and Lovecraft-related role playing games. To start it all off, we have a previously recorded interview with Lynne Hardy on a bunch of topics including a series of interviews with 18 women who have contributed to Chaosium for the company’s blog. The intro and Crier sections were recorded on May 24, and the interview with Lynne was recorded on May 13.

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Campus Crier

MUP has joined forces with Women in Tabletop Gaming Month as an official partner. This episode is the beginning of a series of interviews with women in our corner of the RPG realm, namely horror and Lovecraft-related RPGs. You’ll hear more about Lynne Hardy’s part of this in the main topic this episode. There has been an update from Adam Scott Glancy on the Horrors of War Kickstarter. He has informed Chaosium that the product will not be delivered by GenCon this year as promised in a meeting with them last year. Due to the number of complaints they’ve received about this Kickstarter, they have given him a deadline of December 31 this year to complete the work or lose the Chaosium license for this product. Chaosium issued its own statement that confirms this. To help appease waiting backers, he has sent the first part of a draft he submitted for a new Delta Green RPG scenario called “Iconoclasts,” that’s set in contemporary Ninewa province in Iraq. Dark Adventure Radio Theater has announced later this year that they plan to release six hours of “audio action”… and a special “Masks RPG Edition” with over 100 props! HP Podcraft is switching over to Patreon, and all of the episodes will be available now in the feed. “We’re still offering one free show a month, three additional shows for subscribers and if you sign up on Patreon you can get a listener comments show monthly as well as an additional show discussing whatever you want us to discuss…We’ve been at this show for almost ten years, and we’d really love to be with you for ten years more. Cthulhu Reborn has announced the release of the eleventh in the series of “Tickets of Leave” supplements for Convicts & Cthulhu, the Australian setting. It’s a 14,000 word, 25 page PDF. You can download it right now for free. It has a short sourcebook section, exploring an aspect of life in the colonies, followed by a lengthy scenario seed. The title for Ticket of Leave #11 is kind of irresistible – “The Dispensatory of Doctor Macdead,” which delves deeply into the seedy and somewhat primitive world of medical practice. A video game version of Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace has been announced on Steam for release in the first quarter of 2019. In 1926, a mansion seems to be surrounded by mysteries and unexplained events… A team of investigators is trying to solve this mystery, but they will encounter traps, monsters and other Lovecraftian horrors as they descend deeper into the depths of madness.


Women in Tabletop Gaming Month has its own website, where you can see all the other partners, blog features, and a whole list of podcast episodes with women in the RPG realm. Check out Lynne Hardy’s series of blog posts about women who have contributed work for Chaosium over the years. And here is the official website for Women in Tabletop Gaming Month.]]>