Review- Cthulhu Cultist Pistol Replica from Joe Broers

Joe Broers should be a recognizable name here at the MU site. We  interviewed him in episode 25 and we’ve mentioned his beautiful work here on several occasions. This is my first piece from his catalog, and I really like it. This is a life-size replica of a Colt model 1908 pistol. The main base of the prop is solid resin, so while it looks realistic, there are no moving parts of any kind. It appears that the barrel and slide are molded separate from the handle, but they are nearly seamless in the assembled piece. The decorative plates on the grip are molded separately, but are attached very firmly. One would have to purposely pry off the handle plates. I got the silver version of the gun with ivory/white Cthulhu grips. The gun has been painted completely, with details like the barrel, trigger,  and ejection port painted a darker gray to bring out the detail. The molding is crisp, and all of the writing on the prop is clear and legible. The only place I saw some issues with the casting was at the butt of the grip where the clip would eject on the real gun. It’s a little uneven and you can tell it’s a molded piece. Joe did a little weathering on the grip plates to bring out the detail in the Cthulhu sculpt, and it works very well. I like the weathering much better than the plain version pictured on Joe’s DeviantArt page. I word of advice to any potential buyers of this prop. Be responsible with it. This thing looks like a real pistol, and would be taken as such if displayed inappropriately. I plan to make a stand for it so I can display it with other Mythos pieces I have. Overall, I think this is a great little item for the $35 asking price. Now I’m thinking about cool Mythos hunter gear props to go with the pistol. Be sure to take a look at Joe’s other work at his DeviantArt site.


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