MUP Special – Interview with Greg Stolze on Delta Green

Stolze_DG_Interview-800In this special report, Keeper Jon and Keeper Chad, with an assist from Bret Kramer, check in with Delta Green designer and writer about Pagan Publishing’s Kickstarter for a new role playing game dedicated to the setting. This discussion was recorded on October 9, 2015. During the interview, Keeper Jon mentions an “actual play” of the new Delta Green rules on Role Playing Public Radio. There’s a tangential mention of the indie RPG Breaking the Ice by Emily Care Boss. And in the “Jokes that Need to Be Explained” department, Bret floats a game called “My Life With Alphonse,” which is a mashup of the indie game My Life With Master (billed as an RPG about and love) and a reference to a Delta Green character, a librarian at the Library of Congress, codenamed ALPHONSE. Greg also mentions a book of Delta Green fiction that contains some of his favorite stories, called Inheritance. For more information about the new Delta Green rules and how to write scenarios for the setting, check out two seminars from GenCon 2015 on the Unspeakable! podcast: Unspeakable! Episode 21: Delta Green Seminar at Gen Con 2015 Unspeakable! Episode 22: Delta Green Scenario Workshop at Gen Con 2015 Full disclosure: Bret Kramer wants to note that he has written material released as part of this Kickstarter campaign. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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