MUP 089 – Those Beginner Keeper Jitters

MUP_089-Those_Beginner_Keeper_Jitters-800In Episode 89, we Shanghai a budding keeper and an old friend of the podcast to discuss some of the challenges of first-time Keeperdom. We’ve also got a few Campus Crier updates and another call for submissions for Issue 2 of Cephalaphobia, the MUP yearbook. This episode was recorded on September 28, 2015.

Campus Crier

We decided that we could only take the 5am Sunday recording time for so long. We are now recording on the Monday evening the week before release. For critical news items, Dan will add them into the audio during the edit. Even though we talk about this not being live yet, the Kickstarter for Delta Green: The Role Playing has finally launched, and funded very quickly. Now they’re going through stretch goals. Arc Dream has also put out a call for scenario submissions for Delta Green. Chaosium is closing down an office and a warehouse in Hayward, California. This effectively ends “the 40 year physical presence of the company in the Bay Area.” This also means that two employees, Ben Monroe and Ken Kaufer, will no longer be with the company. Ben’s name has come up a lot since the fahrvergnügen this summer because he has been fielding customer communication and has been responsive. Both have deep histories with the company, and it’s too bad to see them go. Cthulhu Dark Ages – 2nd Edition is now available. Scriven is calling for submissions for another issue of Cephalaphobia.

Cryptocurium Spotlight

October Parcel of Terror announced as a blind Halloween box.


Scriven, our Cepalaphobia editor and MU actual-play celebrity, brings us a few questions about first-time keeping, and looks for advice on how to get over nerves and start running games. Should he find newbie players or experienced players? What system should he use? Is it better to start with a published scenario or a homespun one? Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum]]>

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