MUP Live Play- Masks of Nyarlathotep 1

masks-of-nyarlathotep_actual_playMasks of Nyarlathotep (Part 1)

The classic Call of Cthulhu campaign is being played by a group assembled by Keeper Murph. Who will survive this notoriously deadly campaign? Will they defeat the machinations of the Crawling Chaos? Will they make it through the locked door? Tune in and find out!

Notice- Explicit Content

Meet our cast, collectively known as: “A Bunch of Arseholes”

Keeper of Arcane Lore: Murph


Magnus: Otto von Engen

Tristan: Dirk Titan

Nigel: Theodora (previously Theodore)

Bob: Roddy (previously Rodericka)

The group has their own web site where game notes can be found: Be aware that the notes are for the use of the play group, and they are further along in the campaign than these releases. Thus, there are spoilers for the future of this campaign. Discuss on the Campus Forum.]]>

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