MUP Live Play- MAPS – The Inheritor, Part 3

The MAPS team now know as much as they can about the night of Susan Crosswells’ death. Now it’s time to examine the house it happened in, to see if her unquiet spirit, still lurking the long abandoned premises, is haunting her grown son.   The players are: Hugh as: Fenton Beanland III – Dilettante Murph as: Samuel Collum – Anarchist Chad as: Dr. Reginald Barnaby-  Theater Arts Professor Toni as: Harvey Gabriel- Private Eye And Dan, as the Keeper of Arcane Lore. The Thing at the Threshold is written by Paul McConnell, and Neal Sutton. Published by Chaosium, Inc. The book is available from DriveThru RPG. Live Play episodes are not edited for content. Adult discretion is advised. Here are Dan’s House Rules for his MAPS games: Initiative: Your DEX attribute + 1d6 Legend rules: Strike Rank How frequently an Adventurer acts in combat is defined by Combat Actions. How quickly he acts is defined by Strike Rank. Strike Rank is described in more detail in the Combat chapter but essentially, the higher an Adventurer’s Strike Rank the quicker he acts in a Combat Round. Strike Rank is based on two components and is calculated as follows: • Add together INT and DEX and divide the result by two (rounding up). An Adventurer’s speed of action is a combination ability to weigh-up his opponents and spot potential openings and opportunities, and his overall speed and quickness of action. Combat Actions- Average of DEX and INT Combat Actions 6 or less: 1 7–12: 2 13–18: 3 For every additional 6 points +1 The house plans were found in this Etsy store. The plans used for this game are no longer on the store, so they are posted below. crosswell_house-basement           The floorplans have been modified to suit the game. The knife found looks like this, and the gold tie clip looks like this.]]>

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