MUP Episode 251 — NecronomiCON 101 w/ Rob & Jess

This episode Keepers Murph, Dave, & Bridgett, sit down with Rob & Jesse, Head of Games at NecronomiCON!

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on July 14, 2022. 

Niels, the man with the plan over at NecronomiCON Providence, has released an updated COVID policy on their website, you can find the link in our show notes, and has said that masks will be required for all events, and they are providing stickers for attendees to announce how comfortable they are with proximity to others. Niels is also recommending PCR tests before traveling, the same that is recommended by the WHO and the CDC, and will have KN95 masks on hand for distribution for those that might need it. 

Avatar RPG has gone to print, finally! No word on when it will finish.

Roll20 and OneBookShelf are partnering up. The apparent merger will allow users “to manage content across platforms for nearly any tabletop game, connect more easily with other players, and step into games immediately, all in one place.” Ankit Lal, the current CEO of Roll20, will continue as the CEO, while Steve Wieck will join the Roll20 governing board and executive team. So far as fans are concerned, this partnership will allow any PDF in a user’s OneBookShelf Library to be available within Roll20.

The recently announced Alien novel, Infernos, will contain a free scenario for Alien RPG!

Ennies Shortlist announced

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Bridgett’s Pet Pick Shout Out

“Look deep into my eyes…you are getting sleepy…so sleepy…you are feeling generous with the deli meat…so generous…” posted fan of the show, Bill Adcock, about his cat Atticus.

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Main Topic — Jess and Rob from NecronomiCON Providence!