MUP Episode 191 – The Slide Ruler of Mythos Encounters

This episode Keepers Murph, Jon, & Dave talk about how you can scale encounters to fit your group of investigators.

Campus Crier

We received some exciting news from Chaosium today that a project, (believed to be dead) has risen from the depths! Cthulhu: Dark Ages 2nd Edition is coming! The new edition has been completely updated by Chad Bowser, Andi Newton, Mike Mason, & James Holloway to fit 7th Edition rules. There is a new optional Sanity mechanic to mirror the medieval mindset, rules for the oral tradition of storytelling, rules for mounted combat, spells, folk magic, a full bestiary, and a fully fleshed out Anglo-Saxon community of Totburh in England’s Severn Valley. 

The book is 272 pages, 8.5×11 hardcover. The PDF will be released in February 2020, with the physical book coming out in May 2020; it will retail for $44.95!

Aint Slayed Nobody is a new actual play podcast for the Down Darker Trails flavor of Call of Cthulhu. 

Stygian Fox has released the PDF for the New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2ed for Call of Cthulhu, and is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG. Looks great from top to bottom, and the updated maps and design really do it service.

And speaking of Stygian Fox, they have a pack available on Bundle of Holding currently. But more importantly, there is a little bit of insight into the company that is somewhat surprising that was included in the Bundle of Holding email that was sent out. Apparently Steve Turner from Britannia Game Design is “is administering the funds from this Bundle offer to help bring Stygian’s New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley and The Wild Hunt across the finish line.”  Discussed on YSDC.

YSDC has started another podcast! Beyond the Vale has just one episode released as of this recording which features Paul Baldowski of Just Crunch Games about The Dee Sanction – a game of Covert Enochian Intelligence. They are releasing the show in two formats, The Outer World which is open to all, and The Inner World which is available only to YSDC Patrons.

Casting the Runes – a Gumshoe investigations based on the ghost and suspense stories of MR James – is live on KickStarter 

Mystery Adventure for 5e D&D is doing smoking hot on KickStarter

Return to Dark Tower is ALSO live on KickStarter


If you haven’t heard yet, we have redesigned our Patreon and so far the feedback has been all positive! We are greatly appreciative of you, our listeners, and would ask that if you can please back us! Our next goal in funding will pay our worthy editors for their time! Also all backers, regardless of level will have access to the outtakes reel that we are going to put out on a special RSS feed from Patreon! To back us you can click the button on the sidebar of our website, or head over to Patreon directly at!

Main Topic — Mythos Mass Combat!

Listen to the episode to hear Keepers Jon, Murph, and Dave discuss how to scale down battles with the Mythos in your tabletop roleplaying games.

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