MUP Episode 184 – Ooky-Spooky Halloweeny!!!

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The Campus Crier is Miskatonic U’s student paper. Here’s where we go through Mythos related news and feedback to the podcast.

Check out Keeper Jon on the Into The Darkness video podcast on YouTube as they play The Shadow Over Providence, a new scenario published by Chaosium, written by Keeper Jon to celebrate the Necronomicon 2019 convention. The series of videos is only three episodes long. The first two episodes are already available on YouTube, with the third and final episode coming very soon.

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Chris Spivey’s Haunted West Kickstarter has been wrastling up the stretch goals after meeting its 10,000 dollar goal  in less than three hours. It has pushed past the 35,000 mark at the time of recording, which means our own Charles Gerard will be writing that Mythos chapter add-on that we mentioned last show.   

On October 10th, Chaosium released The Lightless Beacon for Call of Cthulhu, a short introductory scenario by Leigh Carr with Lynne Hardy for their We Are All Us campaign in remembrance of Greg Stafford. You can check out this and the other free scenarios released for the campaign on their website.

The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection from golden Goblin Press almost doubled its funding goal by the time it closed out for a total of more than 22,500 dollars. It knocked down nine out of ten stretch goals, including more scenarios, more art, more maps, more stuff. It’s closed now so you can’t have any of that. But if you didn’t back it, keep your eyes peeled for this book to reach book racks of various kinds soon. 

Stygian Fox put out a pack of maps for Lovecraft Country that bears checking out. It includes interesting stuff like a poverty map of Arkham, and maps of all the classic Lovecraft Country settings plus some less covered sections. 

This October, Bret Kramer is doing what he is calling “Book-tober.” For the month of October he is featuring one short horror* story that has influenced him in some way, wherein he talks about his relationship to the story, how it impacted him, what others have said regarding the story, and links to the story itself (for reading and adaptations of it) so readers can experience it for themselves.

Chaosium’s “Cthulhuween” “Julia, our ‘merc of merch’, has just declared the month of October as Cthulhuween. She’ll be adding a new piece of haunting artwork from Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG line to the Chaosium Redbubble merchandise store every day this month. Check them out for wall-art, clothing, home decor, and more!” 

The second installment of the Flotsom & Jetsom Organized Play scenario was released by Chaosium today. It is called “Inheritance;” it is written by Matthew Dawkins and it is available now for download from the Cult of Chaos forums in the BRP Central forums. 

MU Discord server invite link:

Trick or Treat, by Scott David Aniolowski

Listen to the episode to hear Keeper Murph, Keeper Chad, and Keeper Jon discuss way to run this amazing scenario at your table during the spookiest time of the year. And, to help run the scenario with the current Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules, we asked Chaosium for permission to write-up and give to you, the listener, updated 7th Edition write-ups of the monsters, investigators, and spells.

“Trick or Treat” scenario and characters copyright 1990 Chaosium Inc., all rights reserved, used with permission.” You can purchase a PDF copy of Blood Brothers from Chaosium’s website:

7th Edition Conversion Notes

~ When the investigators attempt to bash-in the closet door in Jeremy Wolfe’s apartment, a Hard STR roll successfully breaks down the door.

~ The Sanity loss for the discovery of the extended family members seems high. Keepers might consider reducing those losses to 1/1D3, but keep the Sanity losses dictated for the discovery of the investigator’s friends who have been murdered by the scarecrow.

~ The discovery of Tierney’s car should not be a whole series of rolls. Have a Group Luck roll — with any failed roll, it takes 3 hours to find the car; with a standard success, it takes 2 hours to find the car; with a hard success, it takes 1 hour to find the car; and with an extreme success, it takes 30 minutes to find the car.

~ The Keeper may consider making any one or two of the pre-gen investigators Wiccan characters who know spells. As the pre-gen characters are originally presented, only one character is a Wiccan who knows spells. This might be difficult if the game has less than six players, and that investigator is not used in the game.

The Oak Tree

STR  200                CON  1000           SIZ  300                POW  150

HP  130                 MP  30                  DB  +5D6

Weapons: Branches & Roots 40%, 1D6 striking or piercing

Entangling Mnvr: 25% to entangle with roots and vines, crushing victim on subsequent round for 5D6 damage. Entangled victims need an Extreme STR roll to escape, each person helping adds on Bonus Die, for a maximum of two bonus dice. Once a victim is dead, the tree hurls the corpse at the other investigators.

Armor: 2 pts of thick bark

Animated Corpses

1 70 60 65 30 5 12 1D4 M Salesman
2 60 70 60 35 5 13 0 F Housewife
3 75 60 80 40 5 14 1D4 M Farmhand
4 65 70 65 45 5 13 1D4 M Hobo
5 75 65 65 25 5 13 1D4 F Teacher  
6 60 50 50 45 5 10 0 M Pastor
7 90 75 85 20 5 16 1D6 M Mechanic
8 70 65 70 35 5 13 1D4 F Reporter  

Move: 6 (each)

Weapons: Maul (tooth & nail) 35%, 1D3+1 + DB damage 

Remember the Outnumbered rule on pg.108 of the Keeper’s Handbook

The Scarecrow

STR  100                CON  75                DEX  30                 SIZ  95                   INT  80                  POW  180

HP  17                    MP  36                  DB  +1D6              Move  5

Weapons: Claws 60%, 1D6 + DB damage; Scythe 45%, 2D6 + DB damage

Armor: 1 pt. of hard wood. Impaling weapons do minimal damage, and fire causes only 2 pts of damage per round while the scarecrow has magic points available. If the scarecrow’s magic points fall to zero, then it can be harmed normally by weapons. Magic always does normal magic damage.

Spells: Bring Pestilence, Call Lightning, Command Plant, Control Elements, Create Storm, Enchant Scarecrow, Implant Fear, and Nightmare

SAN Loss: 0/1D8

Karyn Basianti, Veterinarian (27)

STR 25                   CON 65                 SIZ 40                    DEX 65                 APP 75                 

INT 90                   POW 75                EDU 90                 SAN 75                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 10                    MP 15                   DB -1                     Build -1                 Move 8

Fighting (Brawl) 25% (12/5), Dodge 32% (16/6)

Firearms (Pistol) 35% (17/7)

Skills: Charm 40% (20/8), Credit Rating 25% (12/5), Fast Talk 25% (12/5), First Aid 50% (25/10), Library Use 30% (15/6), Medicine 65% (32/13), Other Language (Latin) 35% (17/7), Ride 25% (12/5), Science (Pharmacy) 35% (17/7), Science (Zoology) 50% (25/10)

Weapons: .45 Revolver (1D10+2 dmg)

Quote: “Make my day.”

Karyn is a quiet woman, although known for her sharp wit when provoked. She is very intelligent and her love for all animals prevents her from harming or being part of any harmful acts to animals. While small and quiet, she does know how to use a rather powerful weapon!

Alek Burnett, Artist (20)

STR 40                   CON 85                 SIZ 45                    DEX 75                  APP 80                 

INT 80                   POW 65                EDU 70                 SAN 65                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 13                    MP 13                   DB 0                       Build 0                  Move 8

Fighting (Brawl) 55% (27/11), Dodge 40% (20/8)

Firearms (Pistol) 20% (10/4)

Skills: Anthropology 10% (5/2), Art/Craft (Draw) 55% (27/11), Art/Craft (Paint) 45% (22/9), Art/Craft (Photography) 40% (20/8), Drive Auto 20% (10/4), Fast Talk 60% (30/12), History 25% (12/5), Library Use 30% (15/6), Listen 35% (17/7), Navigate 20% (17/7), Mechanical Repair 25% (12/5), Occult 40% (20/8), Sleight of Hand 25% (12/5), Stealth 20% (10/4)

Weapons: .22 Revolver (1D6 dmg); Pocketknife (1D3 + DB dmg)

Quote: “You think this is some kind of Halloween costume? This is a way of life!”

Alek is a talented and creative artist. He often has realistic and bizarre dreams on which he bases much of his work. These dreams are psychic or precognitive at times. He is moody and while small, he does not run from trouble and can, (at times), be antagonistic. He dabbles in the occult. Alek is known for his auto mishaps! Jeromy Wolfe was a very close friend. Alek tries to make a statement in the way he dresses and wears his hair – he is seldom seen without his pin and stud-covered leather coat and his black hair is often spiked up and colored with streaks of white.

Tim Coniff, Doctor (30)

STR 65                   CON 70                 SIZ 80                    DEX 50                  APP 65                 

INT 75                   POW 70                EDU 90                 SAN 65                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 15                    MP 14                   DB +1D4               Build 1                 Move 7

Fighting (Brawl) 45% (22/9), Dodge 25% (12/5)

Firearms (Pistol) 25% (12/5)

Skills: Credit Rating 50% (25/10), First Aid 50% (25/10), Law 20% (10/4), Medicine 60% (30/12), Occult 20% (10/4), Other Language (Latin) 30% (15/6), Psychoanalysis 30% (15/6), Psychology 40% (20/8), Science (Astronomy) 10% (5/2), Science (Chemistry) 10% (5/2), Science (Pharmacy) 30% (15/6), Spot Hidden 30% (15/6)

Weapons: Scalpel (1D3 + DB dmg); .32 Automatic Pistol (1D8 dmg)

Quote: “This won’t hurt a bit.”

Tim is a good-natured soul who goes to any length to help people. He is reserved and unobtrusive by nature and sometimes awkward around strangers, not being a really social person. He is a very good young doctor. His best friend is Nathan Hennings, and the unlikely pair spend a great deal of time together.

Nathan Hennings, Dilettante (25)

STR 80                   CON 80                 SIZ 65                    DEX 65                  APP 70                 

INT 80                   POW 70                EDU 70                 SAN 70                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 14                    MP 14                   DB +1D4               Build 1                 Move 8

Fighting (Brawl) 55% (27/11), Dodge 32% (16/6)

Firearms (Rifle) 45% (22/9)

Skills: Climb 75% (37/15), Credit Rating 65% (32/13), Drive Auto 60% (30/12), Listen 30% (15/6), Navigate 15% (7/3), Other Language (Any) 10% (5/2), Persuade 15% (7/3), Pilot (Sm. Aircraft) 60% (30/12), Science (Archeology) 20% (10/4), Science (Botany) 20% (10/4), Spot Hidden 30% (15/6), Swim 30% (15/6), Track 50% (25/10)

Weapons: 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle (2D6+4 dmg)

Quote: “Did I ever tell you about the time…”

Nathan is very good-natured and friendly, and always has some tall tale to tell. He seems to know a little about almost everything. He is active, a survivalist and adventurer. Everyone likes Nathan, even with his endless bits of trivial information and fabulous stories. He owns a small plane which he keeps at a private airfield a few miles south of Lockport.

Michael Sardonski, Author (38)

STR 70                   CON 85                 SIZ 60                    DEX 75                  APP 55                 

INT 85                   POW 60                EDU 80                 SAN 60                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 14                    MP 12                   DB +1D4               Build 1                 Move 9

Fighting (Brawl) 25% (12/5), Dodge 37% (18/7)

Firearms (Shotgun) 35% (17/7)

Skills: Drive Auto 35% (17/7), First Aid 35% (17/7), History 40% (20/8), Library Use 45% (22/9), Mechanical Repair 30% (15/6), Occult 65% (32/13), Other Language (Gaelic) 30% (15/6), Other Language (Ogham) 25% (12/5), Psychology 45% (22/9), Spot Hidden 35% (17/7), Stealth 20% (10/4), Track 20% (10/4)

Weapons: 12-Gauge Shotgun (4D6/2D6/1D6 dmg); Wood Axe (1D8+2 + DB dmg)

Quote: “Wait a minute, why do you want me to drive?”

Michael is a talented writer who has had several horror novels published by a small firm in California. He is friendly and a good person but known for his pessimism and paranoia. He is a team player, but ultimately looks out for number one. He has a very sharp wit and a cutting sense of humor. Although close friends, he and Karyn Basanti would appear to be arch enemies – they continually throw barbs and insults back and forth… all in fun, of course!

David Scott, Chef (28)

STR 75                   CON 80                 SIZ 80                    DEX 50                 APP 65                 

INT 75                   POW 80                EDU 70                 SAN 80                  LUCK (3D6)

HP 16                    MP 16                   DB +1D4               Build 1                 Move 7

Phobia: Acrophobia – Fear of Heights

Fighting (Brawl) 30% (15/6), Dodge 25% (12/5)

Firearms (Pistol) 25% (12/5)

Skills: Accounting 15% (7/3), Art/Craft (Cook) 80% (40/16), Drive Auto 25% (12/5), First Aid 35% (17/7), Listen 30% (15/6), Occult 50% (25/10), Other Language (French) 50% (25/10), Persuade 25% (12/5), Spot Hidden 30% (15/6), Stealth 15% (7/3)

Weapons: .38 Revolver (1D10 dmg); Butcher Knife (1D6 + DB dmg)

Spells: Cast Circle, Chant of Thoth, Command Animal (Bird), Healing, Levitate, Power Chant

Quote: “What’s the point?”

David is friendly, yet very moody, known for his sudden and unexplained mood swings. He has a very dry sense of humor and a quick wit. He is a Wiccan – a modern witch, although only Alek Burnett knows this as he keeps that part of his life very private. While large and relatively strong, he would be the first to avoid violence. He is afraid of heights, although flying does not bother him. His best friend is Alek, to whom he is teaching Wicca.


Other than Enchant Scarecrow, all of the other spells in this adventure can be found in The Grand Grimoire of the Cthulhu Mythos, which is also available from Chaosium’s website:

Enchant Scarecrow

Cost: 5 magic points; 1D8 Sanity points  

Casting time: 30 minutes  

This spell creates a living scarecrow that can follow complex commands. Such enchanted creatures slowly amble with a speed of Move 5. They have limited INT and POW but are strong and menacing servants. The animated scarecrow has 1 point of POW, 1D4 INT, 2D6 DEX, 3D6 CON, and 3D6+3 STR and SIZ, and it obeys the spell caster totally until destroyed.

Deeper magic: This spell can also be used to prepare the scarecrow to host a human soul after mortal death. The caster must expend 10 magic points, 5 POW, and 1D8 Sanity points, and it takes two hours to complete the ritual. Once completed, the enchanted scarecrow becomes animated and functions exactly like the standard version of this spell until the caster dies. Upon the caster’s death, his soul is transferred to the prepared scarecrow. An enchanted scarecrow with a human soul retains the INT and POW values from the caster’s human body, but all of the scarecrow’s physical attributes remain unchanged.

Alternate names: The Knight of Samhain, All Hallows Eve Sentry, Hellfire Guardian

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