MUP Episode 178 – Mythos in Your Apocalypse, Swordplay, and Cultist Hijinx!

This episode, Murph, Jon and Chad are digging up some non-Cthulhu material from other games, to practice the fine art of ripping things off. A big thank you once again to Type40 and Golden Goblin Press for sponsoring this episode! This episode (most of it) was recorded on July 18, 2019. 

Campus Crier

A quick minor correction. There is actually already a Foreign Correspondent profession outlines in the Investigator Handbook, page 80. “Foreign correspondents are the elite of news reporters. They work on salary, enjoy expense accounts, and travel the globe. In the 1920s, the correspondent may work for a large newspaper, a radio network, or a national newsgroup. Modern-day reporters might also work freelance or be employed to file reports for a television network, an Internet news provider, or international news agency. The work can be very varied, often exciting, and sometimes hazardous as natural disasters, political upheaval, and war are the primary focus of the foreign correspondent.”

As of this recording, NecronomiCon Providence 2019 is only 5 weeks away. When we recorded at first the daily schedule of gaming events and panels had not been finalized, But now it is! NecronomiCon Panels Link

Cthulhu 1968: Black Sun Tabletop Skirmish Game — Just like the title says, this is a 28mm scale miniatures wargame. It looks like it is set during the Vietnam War; it has a US Army faction, a Deep Ones faction, a strange (maybe lost relic holdover) WWII German faction that has allied with Ghouls, plus a weird Bug faction and a Golem faction. Looks cool painted. They’re about halfway funded with another 20 days to go as of this recording. Link here!

Modiphius has started their Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Organized Play Campaign. The first scenario will be the upcoming Fall of London which they expect to have out in PDF before Christmas. Sign up here

The Yellow King RPG from Pelgrane had some bumps in the road. There were delays in shipping, and Simon managed to track down the Managing Director of the company at UK Games Expo. Their print liaison had left the company rather suddenly due to mental health issues, leaving a lot of money owed and contracts breached, in his wake. They discovered that the books were all printed, but had been put into storage, with no understanding of who they were for or what was to be done with them.TL;DR – they are hoping to be able to start shipping everything in early August.

The MU Discord server invite link is here And thank you so much to Max for editing this episode!


Thanks once again to Type40 for sponsoring this episode! Type40 makes a maker of all manner of high quality gaming props and items, lots of them specifically for Call of Cthulhu. This time we highlight the Disk of Rlyeh. So check these products out and more at the Type40 website, which we will have linked in large font in the show notes.

Check that out and more on the Type 40 site here >>

And once again remember that if you are going to GenCon, Type40 is planning to be right there at the Chaosium booth, where you can catch Allan Carey and chat about Call of Cthulhu and immersive props. More from Type40 here >> Thanks also to Golden Goblin Press for their sponsorship this episode. We appreciate it. He’re a recorded message about the Cthul Invictus line.

Listening Room

First up, Oscarious Tabularis is back! We have our second episode of Season Three of Glimpses Into the Empire. Settle in to this origin story of a known hero. Next up, Mr. Tyler once again talks about what he wants to talk about. Check out this third and final chapter of his series on witchcraft in Pennsylvania. Hex novel >> Documentary


Using your old non-Cthulhu modules in Call of Cthulhu…

Jon: Gamma World’s — Legion of Gold (GW1), by Gary & Luke Gygax and Paul Reiche III

Chad: Flashing Blades “Combatants choose attack methods (such as sword thrusts and lunges, or dirty fighting techniques like tripping a foe and then stomping on him), along with defensive actions such as parries, sidesteps and dodges. When your character scores a hit, you choose a body location (such as the chest or an arm) and roll twice on a hit location table. The closest result to your chosen area is where your character actually hits. These mechanics really do make a change from the usual roll-to-hit, roll-for-damage variety of many other RPGs.”

Murph: SuperNormal the Cultist Revamp