MUP Episode 114 – It's an Invictus Festivus!

MUP_114-Its_an_Invictus_Festivus-800In this episode, Dan, Jon and Chad are joined by Oscar Rios from the Goblin Lair to talk about the future of Cthulhu Invictus — and other mysteries! This episode was recorded on November 28, 2016.

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Campus Crier Badger is now offering a Feed the Shoggoth turn counter via the game’s website! It was previously only available to Kickstarter backers, but he has made available to the public the extra copies left over from the KS. It’s $5 (plus $1 shipping), you can get one of these turn counters, minted by Campaign Coins. There are also rumors of a mini mini-shoggoth in the works by Jason McKittrick. Smaller than the one in the Kickstarter, will retail for about $10 plus shipping. Also, Badger has generously offered a special code for MU Podcast listeners – if you want to buy a copy of Feed the Shoggoth at a $5 discount, you can use the code shoggydec16 to buy the game for $15 instead of $20. Website here: HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu Mythos, the Great Old Ones II – a Kickstarter for cool sculptures And by the same artist as the above campaign, comes Adventure Heroes – miniatures in 30mm inspired by Robert E Howard, including the man himself! Osprey books – the nerdy history for miniatures company – has come out with a new book for their Cthulhu Wars line – Roman-era Mythos! Pelgrane’s Fear Itself 2nd Edition is now available, as is Ken Hite’s The Thrill of Dracula. That Poppy is freaking creepy. Check out these hypnotically disturbing videos here, here, here and here. Adam Scott Glancy GM’ing a live-stream Call of Cthulhu game along with Cody Goodfellow and Ken Hite via Legends of Tabletop!  – The Last Flight of the L58 NICTONOMICON Bestiario sobre Lovecraft / a Lovecraft bestiary Tales from The Loop Edwin cooked up tables to demonstrate the variable effect of penalty dice as used in CoC. Thank you Edwin! “Graphs based on Monte Carlo simulations with 50,000 rolls with each level of penalty.  It’s interesting that the max penalty is at a different skill level with one die (at 47%) than with two (at 62%). Your 15% is about right. The average penalty over all skill levels based on this simulation is 17%. Two dice provide a 25% average penalty. The analysis ignores fumbles.” penaltychance of success MUP News Just a reminder, we’re using for…feedback. Card Catalog A hat tip to David Jacobs, who posted this thing on Google Plus, learned about on the 99% Invisible podcast… The Roaring ‘Twenties – an interactive exploration of the historical soundscape of New York City Using Municipal Archives of the City of New York, cataloging over 600 unique complaints about noise around 1930 while reproducing over 350 pages of these materials. It also includes fifty-four excerpts of Fox Movietone newsreels, early sound experiments that at once captured and technologically remediated the sounds of New York City, as well as hundreds of other photographs and print materials. It’s at this point where we lost Keeper Jon, as he was feeling under the weather and just couldn’t stay up any longer. Topics – CTHULHU INVICTUS! 7th edition guide to Cthulhu Invictus. New KS starts on Feb, with a March 15 end, the ides of March This is a new book from the ground up, not just a rules update to the existing Invictus core book. GGP is allowed to re-issue and update all existing Invictus books with author permission. There will be three regional Invictus books: North Africa; Britannia & Beyond; and The East. They are not dropping their Jazz-era projects though. There is a Pacific sourcebook being worked out, and other projects coming down the line. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums.]]>