MUP 113 – A Group's 1-Minute Horror with Mayor McPain

MUP_113-A-Groups_1-Minute_Horror_with_Mayor_McPain-800In this episode, all four hosts convene to share more thoughts on investigator groups. Plus, we announce the winners of our One Minute of Horror Audio Contest! This episode was recorded on, November 14, 2016.

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Campus Crier

Someone called nonhumanuser on the MU forums launched a website on Halloween that purports to be a trove of stories, articles, resources and actual plays focusing on horror and the Cthulhu Mythos. It’ll be “weekly additions for your reading pleasure and resources for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.” The 2016 Shotgun Scenario contest has been announced. That’s a contest for short Delta Scenario seed ideas. Entries can be of any length, but entries longer than 1500 words will only get half a vote during the judging. Deadline is Saturday, December 10. MU thread on the Shotgun Scenario Contest >>  Previous examples here >> One of Chaosium’s old-school supplements — Keith Herber’s The Fungi From Yuggoth — has been adapted into a fully dramatized 1930s-style radio drama. And, inspired by the game upon which it is based, this production features four different endings! Dark Adventure Radio Theatre’s THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BEAST is available now as a 3 CD set or digital download. And there’s the incredible Deluxe Edition, featuring six pounds (!) of props… Experimental music maker Brian Lavelle is offering a special code for MUP listeners to get a 50% discount off of his downloads – check out his website and use the code “gopods” to redeem this offer at checkout.   500_1029161938 (1) 500_1029161938a 500_1104161916b               Chad unleashed “Mayor McPain” and his pet conch “Tickles” to Edwin Nagy (see photo below) and a group of unsuspecting players as part of an Extra Life charity event (along with a donation from MUP) at CarnageCon in Vermont. See the block at the end of these notes for full Dungeon Crawl Classics stats from Jon.  

Chaosium News

A Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed update on Kickstarter—TLDR summary: – Pulp Cthulhu and Doors to Darkness will start shipping *soon! – The 4 Keeper Decks (phobias, characters, events, and weapons) will also start shipping to backers this week. Depending on location, they will come with Pulp and Doors, or separately. – Pulp Cthulhu, Doors to Darkness and the Keeper Decks will be available to order on later this week (NOTE: backers will get their rewards shipped to them before we ship any regular new sales.). Call of Cthulhu 7e 1000% Backer T-Shirt

MUP News

After a huge kerflustersnafu with the MU email system, we have launched two new show email addresses. For feedback, please send everything to: And for future contest entries, we’ll be using:

Card Catalog

From the Graham Special Collections Wing of the Orne Library: “Airplane Photography by Herbert Eugene Ives” (1920)


One Minute of Horror Audio Contest Results: 1st Place — “Straight To Voicemail” by  John F Rauchert
(Credits: voice generated by CWSpeak)
2nd Place — “Playtime Daddy” by Trevlix
(Credits: Hammering-J_Blow-2014925903.mp3 | License: Public Domain | Recorded by J Blow | Creaking Door | License: Public Domain | Recorded by stephan | 50725__rutgermuller__footsteps-on-tiles.wav | License: Creative Commons | Recorded by RutgerMuller | 320376__yadronoff__axe-chopping.wav | License: Creative Commons | Recorded by yadronoff |
3rd Place — Cohesion5 by Ben, a.k.a. “Spiggy”
(Credits: all sounds are original.)
Amazing work. We’ll be in touch soon about prizes! And thank you to all of our contestants! This was an amazing pool of submissions, which made judging a blast and yet extremely difficult. We are well aware of how much work went into these pieces, so thank you for all of your efforts! We plan to play them all, festival-style, in an upcoming special side episode.

Investigator Groups, Part II

Here’s a good thread on YSDC with some general categories for investigator groups. The 7e rulebook also outlines some categories and examples. A few groups from RL history surfaced during the discussion, including the Priory of Sion, Thule Society, the Black Hand, Knights of Pythias, Independent Order of Foresters and the Galleanists.   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums.   Girl with knife photo by Gabriela Camerotti. Use granted by Creative Commons.  
MAYOR MCPAIN Mayor McPain: Init +0; Atk weapon +2 melee (1d6+2) or prattle (special); AC 14; HD 3d10+4; MV 12’ or 20’ leaping; Act 1d20, 1d16; SP food motivated; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +2; AL C. It is widely believed that Mayor McPain is an errant demon whose sole purpose is to spread chaos across the land, but the actual details of his origins are not known. Mayor McPain is a huge creature; he carries a wide variety of instruments that he wields with a fury only the truly heroic dare to face. Mayor McPain cackles with laughter wherever he goes, so no one needs to worry about being ambushed by the mayor. Should Mayor McPain take enough damage to kill him, he is instead banished to the plane of chaos where he recoups from his wounds. Mayor McPain has a pet chaos conch named Tickles. Prattle – Mayor McPain is constantly giggling and chuckling at voices telling him jokes that only he can hear. Mayor McPain can make two attacks per round, and one of them can be a prattle attack. When Mayor McPain prattles, he spews several lines of nonsense at his target in an effort to bamboozle his foe. Similar to a spell attack, Mayor McPain must succeed against a DC 12 attack roll against a single target within 10′. If successful, the victim must make a successful Will Save against the value rolled in the prattle attack. If the victim’s save fails, the victim is overwhelmed by vertigo for 1d3 rounds; victims suffering from vertigo cannot attack, move, or cast spells. Food Motivated – Mayor McPain’s weakness is food. If adventurers throw food-stuff at or near Mayor McPain he immeditately stops all of his actions to collect and devour the discarded food. Mayor McPain is only attracted to solid foods and food-stuff clearly recognized as food; he is not attracted to liquids. It takes Mayor McPain 1d3 rounds to collect and eat a single reasonable serving of food. Mayor McPain will even ignore attacks against his person in his quest to collect and gobble the food; even it if results in his banishment from this plane. TICKLES THE CHAOS CONCH Tickles the Chaos Conch: Init +1; Atk tentacles +4 melee (1d8 + rot); AC 12; HD 2d8+2; MV 10’; Act 1d20; SP tough; SV Fort +2, Ref +0, Will -1; AL C. Chaos conchs are nasty little domesticated creatures from the plane of chaos. This particular creature is Mayor McPain’s loyal companion. Chaos conchs can stretch their tentacles to attack a target up to 10′ away. With a successful hit from its tentacles, the chaos conch also inflicts the target with rot. The victim must make a Reflex Save against DC 15, or suffer additional 1d10 points of damage against an unarmored victim, otherwise a victim’s armor value is permanently reduced by two, (AC minus 2). Each successful hit by the chaos conchs tentacles can inflict more rot damage, (if the saving throw fails). Tough – Due to the creature’s chaotic biology, all non-magical attacks deal minimal damage. Magical weapons and spells inflict their normal damage.

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