MUP Ep 292 – Convention Survival Guide

This episode, Keepers Dave & Bridgett discuss attending conventions, especially as a first timer. Plans are starting for various 2024 cons and it’s a great time to start planning.

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Main Topic — 

First time conventions

  • Both your first time ever going to cons
  • And your first time at a particular con

Things to consider

  • What is your focus?
    • Professional, volunteering, panels
    • Games, people, buying
  • What and where is the convention?
    • City and travel
    • Hotel and location
    • Size and convention focus – gaming versus hobby
  • Friends and community –
    • who do you know, and how will you find them?
  • 5/3/1 is key
  • Food Food Food
  • Regulate and hydrate
  • Finally, what games are you going to play?