MUP Ep 241 — Dead Pigeons Stuffed with Dynamite (A Host 2021 in Review)

This episode, Keepers Murph, Dave & Bridgett bid farewell to the good, bad, & ugly of 2021. We also discuss what we’re looking forward to in 2022!

Campus Crier

We forgot to mention it in the audio, but we need to thank Ogdru Hem from the Discord for allowing us to use his music, Miskatonic Library, for the new intro bumper. You can find his work on YouTube, DTRPG, and BandCamp.

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on December 30th, 2021. 

Free League Publishing’s recent kickstarter, Vaesen RPG – Mythic Britain & Ireland, has wrapped up! In this expansion to Vaesen, a game about Nordic Horror Roleplaying, players face the mythic creatures of Britain and Ireland. Unsurprisingly, this kickstarter funded in under 6 minutes, and wrapped up with just under 8,000 backers.

Chaosium has sold enough tickets to ensure that the inaugural Chaosium Con is for sure happening!!!! April 8th and 9th, Chaosium will be hosting an in person convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Guys, this isn’t something that you’ll not want to miss. We’re talking seminars with Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, Jeff Richard, Jason Durall, David Larkins. They have non stop gaming rooms, VIP gaming sessions with some of the heaviest hitting folk at Chaosium, an auction, LARPs, and more. This is going to be a blast, and I’d love to see you guys there if you can make it!

Speaking of conventions, Necronomicon pushed back badge sales for their 2022 show in Providence, Rhode Island. Advance badges to previous gold ticket holders have already gone out, and general tickets go on sale January 10, 2022. Keepers Dave, Bridgett, and Murph will be attending, along with friend of the show and previous guest, Michael Diamond. Definitely consider attending– it’ll be a good time. 

The Discord Plug

We have our MUP Discord and we are all there! We invite all of our listeners to come and enjoy the community of horror gaming and cute pet pics.

Today, I’d like to shout out our own Keeper Murph’s baby, Lulu. Check out the Discord to see some of the biggest beggy eyes and the cutest cuddle selfies with Lulu and Murph! 

MU Discord server invite link: 

And thank you beaucoup to Murph for editing this episode. 

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Main Topic — The Hosts Unpack 2021


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