MUP Ep 230 — Suggestive Equations with Lynne Hardy

This episode, Keepers Murph & Bridgett sat down with Dr. Lynne Hardy of Chaosium!!! Lynne talked us through Children of Fear, gave us a teaser on Rivers of London, discussed how big publishers handle play testing, answered direct questions from our Patreon Backers, and more!

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on July 11, 2021.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of CoC, Chaosium is re-issuing a remastered version of this original box set (via Kickstarter) along with several of its first supplements. It funded in under 10 minutes. This 2” box includes the CoC Rulebook, a sourcebook for the 1920’s, a world map, character sheets and more! Backers are plowing through the stretch goals! Unlocked so far are:

In very related news, HPLHS is going to be creating a deluxe prop Set Box to go with the release.

Monte Cook Games announced Stealing Stories for the Devil, a fast-paced tabletop roleplaying game in which you save existence by bending reality to carry out the perfect heist. You play master thieves from the future. Stealing Stories for the Devil can be played by episode or campaign, and promises to digs into the reasons behind the decay of reality. This kickstarter isn’t live yet, but you can sign up to be notified at

And just to let everyone know, it looks like the ENnie nominations have been pushed back to August 13th now. So we all have to wait another month to see if a certain podcast you know of will be shortlisted again.

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Main Topic

Interview with Lynne Hardy 


Pateron Backer Al Smith: Can you talk us through the playtesting process with games like CoF and RoL?

Another Pateron backer wanted to verify… How long would it take to run the entire campaign? 

Children of Fear is said to have a flexible plot to allow investigators to determine the journey that they take. Was that challenging to write (lol), surrendering that degree of control?

…and more!

Thank you, Lynne, for joining us!