MUP Ep. 219 – Amidst the Saturnine Code

This episode, the gang is back together as Keepers Murph, Jon and Dave dissect and analyze a few scenarios that are currently available for purchase, Amidst the Ancient Trees, The Code, and Saturnine Chalice!

The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on February 11th, 2021.

The Japanese really like Call of Cthulhu!. In an article on Dicebreaker, Chaosium announced that the Japanese language version out-sells every other language of Call of Cthulhu… COMBINED.

Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 3, has gotten officially underway. For those of you who don’t know what Zinequest is, every February for the past three years Indie RPG creators have been funding, and creating, small zines in the month of February.  

Wizards of the Coast has settled another lawsuit, this time against Gale Force9, the miniatures manufacturer. The partnership between the companies will continue.

Keeper Jon’s Announcement

Keepers Jon has decided to step away from the show. The next episode will be his last. Please join our Discord to wish him well in his future endeavors.


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Main Topic

Keeper Dave’s topic: Amidst the Ancient Trees by Matthew Sanderson and Mike Mason

  • Available in the 7ed Keeper’s Handbook
  • Good Stuff
    • Glaaki and cultists in the remote mountains of Vermont = LOVE IT
    • Want to update for a modern setting, great opportunity for FBI/Marshall/BATF tracking down kidnapper… Or remove the kidnapper element and turn it into a decades-old AWOL search that goes south when the feds run afoul of anti-gov preppers
    • Has the potential to be a really sharp and tight 4-6 hour chase , open with the gun fight with the preppers?  
    • Love the dreams that show up early and then become real when the party reaches the lake
  • Needs Improvement
    • Lots of actors, too many groups: cultists, artists, kidnappers, surveyors
      • Just the vets and the artist colony, maybe preppers
      • Keep the dreams and the jewel that the cultists have nearly removed
    • Update Civil War vets to Vietnam war, hiding out and slowly recruiting artists to help them uncover Glaaki’s gem
    • Update digging at lake to former artist colony just like in Campbell’s story, abandoned houses by the lake
    • The extended chase is fundamentally a railroad and has inherent structural challenges – we could discuss on a whole episode
  • The Final Word
    • Lots of great potential, especially for one of my favorite GOO
    • Include the Tomb Herd so the woods become this super creepy and recursive time loop
    • I want to update for today, I love Glaaki by the lake, and I love the opportunity to update the Inhabitant by the Lake
    • Plan to turn this into a con game that I can run over and over

Keeper Jon’s topic: The Code, by Chris Lackey and Lynn Hardy

  • This is a fantastic scenario that allows for lots of roleplaying as the house is explored
  • It includes elements that can promote (unnecessary) player-versus-player conflicts
  • It has a great red herring villain in the time-traveling bug people
  • Keeper Jon encourages Keepers to add a Hound of Tindalos into the scenario… it doesn’t even have to attack anyone… just having it walk through a hallway will freak players out
  • In all likelyhood, the players will want to try to use the time-traveling suit, which is the central item in this scenario… but without an accompanying spell from Yog-Sothoth, you can’t control the suit. Keeper Jon always kills every player that puts on the suit since it either launches them to the infinite end or beginning of time… and thus erases them from history

Keeper Murph’s topic: Saturnine Chalice by Matthew Sanderson

  • From the Dead Light and Other Dark Turns book from Chaosium.
  • Make Veronica’s journal with the words fairly easy to find, then
  • add in more marked items that can be mistakenly seen as part of the glyph. This should force them to either try multiples or make them solve the puzzles on several to make sure they get it.
  • Remember that the 4 correct items are all of lead, so make sure that you mention that it is lead when they find it, perhaps the false ones are of wood, silver, gold, etc.
  • You may even add in some extra squares of paper that have been filled out, and are floating around the house, not literally, as a red herring.

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