MUP Ep 202 – #BLACKLIVESMATTER & Dissident Whispers

This episode, Keepers Dave and Jon welcome guests Kat Welsford and Vi  Huntsman. Kat and Vi helped create an amazing anthology of RPG  adventures titled, Dissident Whispers, and they’re here to talk about  that project. Enjoy!

The Old Ways Podcast

The Old Ways Podcast is a  weekly Call of Cthulhu actual play “slow-burn” style radio drama where a  great group serves up entertainment to you using new and published  scenarios. With two seasons of material, listeners begin their journey  with the investigators in 1920s Chicago, as they sink into the  blood-soaked ground of Windy City horror. Season two picks up as they  dive head-long into Chaosium’s legendary Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign  where the investigators pull at the very threads which herald the end of  days. 

With more than 35 hours of available content, they’ve got you covered  for all your sanity destroying quarantine needs! The Old Ways Podcast  is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and many more! Snag the RSS  Feed and never miss our Mythos Monday episode drop! 

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, or deep in the Miskatonic University  library’s Restricted Section desperately hunting for the right dusty  occult tome!”

Campus Crier

The Campus Crier is the Miskatonic University’s student newspaper. This edition was collected on June 18th, 2020.

Roleplaying giant, Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, has issued a statement about diversity  in their game. They are modifying the types of playable characters so  that certain species are not portrayed with inherent traits — orc  players do not have a penalty to their intelligence, for example. The  article is informative and enlightening.

It seems like fans can find similar conversations about diversity on a  variety of social media platforms and websites, too. For example, Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG News site was also linked on Facebook with a robust conversation on the topic.

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias  podcast and its listeners are having a virtual convention, and they’re  calling it The Good Friends of Jacks-Con Elias virtual RPG convention.  The Good Friends themselves will be in attendance, along with hosts of  the Miskatonic University Podcast, How We Roll, Ain’t Slayed Nobody, and  possibly more to come.

The convention will take place over the weekend of the 9th-12th of  July 2020. People from all over the world are offering games around the  clock. Game sign-ups go live on the 1st of July.

While the main focus is Call of Cthulhu, there are plenty of other games on offer, including Tales From the Loop, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Unknown Armies, Kult, and the new Alien RPG.

The planning for the event is taking place on the Good Friends  Discord server, although by the time this episode goes out, we will also  have details on (Discord server link: )

And, Chaosium has just released the 2-book volume of the new Malleous Monstrorum!!! It’s huge and amazing. The MUP hosts have all picked it up, and we look forward to diving deep into it in a later show.

The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)  has recently held election for their officers, and Chris Spivey of  Darker Hue Studios was elected to the position of Vice President! Full  election results can be found here.

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Main Topic

Dissident Whispers is an anthology of 2-page RPG adventures for a  variety of game systems. Ninety people helped contribute to the project…  writers, artists, layout artists, editors, and publishers. All proceeds  from the sale of Dissident Whispers goes to support the National Bail Fund Network, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

You can show your support by buying a copy of Dissident Whispers from Tuesday Knight Games or DriveThruRPG