MUP 131 – Post-Con Debriefing

Keeper Dan here. Deepest apologies for the lateness of getting this out on the feed. The combination of schedule, tech issues, and personal needs really made this a slog to edit. It is now done though. There is a part about halfway through where I have no audio for 12 minutes. No idea what happened there. Also, if there are folks who listen with kids present, you may want to don the headphones for this one. I didn’t bother cutting out all the cursing because there was a lot of it, and there was a creature called a Shit Weasel that just wouldn’t be the same without the full moniker. Enjoy the show! This episode, Murf, Chad, Jon and Dan get together to talk about the amazing time it was at NecronomiCon Providence 2017! This episode was recorded on, August 28, 2017. Campus Crier Horrors of War — Adam Scott Glancy made an update to the Horrors of War Kickstarter on Aug 15th, the day before most of us went out to Necronomicon. In it he is apologizing for being mostly absent from the project and letting it linger this long. He also gives some very personal reasons for his absence. Scott suffered a devastating loss in his close personal family in late 2016. This unfortunately spiraled him into a depression that he himself didn’t realize he was in until he suffered another loss. The death of a close personal friend earlier this year brought the fact that he might have a mental illness to the forefront and he sought professional help.   It is his full intention to complete this project in its entirety, but realizing his mistake he is offering a full refund on the project to any backer that might want it. He does not give a hard date on when the project should be finished now that he is better and refocused, but he does say it should be done by GenCon 2018.   Pulp Cthulhu fans! The Dhole’s House generator for Call of Cthulhu investigators now supports creation of Pulp Cthulhu investigators! Go peruse it before I run out of exclamation points!   Christopher Smith Adair’s Pulp campaign, A Cold Fire Within – a campaign that is shrouded in mystery wrapped in enigmas swaddled in NDA.   Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Masks of Nyarlathotep to feature an all-new chapter: Peru!   The final scenario for Horror on the Orient Express has been released!   Dan O’Bannon’s Lovecraft Adaptation ‘The Resurrected’ Gets Scream Factory Treatment Now Available for Pre-Sale   Someone Wants LEGO to Make an Official Call of Cthulhu Set!   Dark Cult Games (Ben Burns) Star on the Shore We will be launching a new book in a month,or two, so keep an eye out for our next Call of Cthulhu project ‘Devil’s Swamp’. Which is now live! Devil’s Swamp – A Call of Cthulhu RPG Adventure Investigate ancient terrors in the heart of the Bridgewater Area during the 1920’s. Dare you enter the Hockomock?   Expedition: The Horror The first expansion for Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game. New mechanics, enemies and abilities inspired by Cthulhu!   Bret Kramer is teaming up with Paul of Cthulhu for a podcast – called Sentinel Hill. An occasional podcast from SHP and YSDC. Not replacing the presscast. Available to patreon backers of either of those accounts.   Ennie Winners

  Jon- Jon is running Yellow King for Skype of Cthulhu! Hypergraphia!


NecronomiCon!   Extra Life – Edwin “Thanks to you all, and many generous players, we raised $734 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals during our four hours of chaos.”   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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