MUP 123 – Bad Movies, Good Games

In this episode, all four hosts talk about some of our favorite so-bad-it’s-good movies and tropes to winnow for game inspiration. This episode was recorded on, May 15, 2017, and is sponsored by Golden Goblin Press!

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Cthulhu Mythos Books from Dark Regions Press Graham Walmsley is going to launch the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter on Monday, May 29. It’ll last for about a month. We have an interview with Graham that we will release during the campaign. Bagthulhu – The diabolically adorable Cthulhu Dicebag Pax Cthuliana – A Cthulhu scenario Srsly another MiniDisc release?? At the Mountains of Madness, by Allicorn! Oh, by the way, Ken Hite is doing the 5th Ed of Vampire the Masquerade Cthulhu Confidential is actually in print: Masks of Nyarly Companion is actually in print: The back-issue archive of Protodimension Magazine is available online again. Chaosium News: Fiction editor announced – James Lwowder! Chaosium New Fiction Submissions Guidelines Released Big News! Chaosium releases new RPG submissions guidelines We’ve been missing these new items from Dean Englehart from Cthulhu Reborn, who is posting a lot of material for the Australian setting Convicts & Cthulhu. Podcast Promo Tangent…Brian Posehn’s Nerd Poker (On iTunes here). Dad DND podcast. (On iTunes) Winners of the Cult of Chaos scenario writing contest have been announced! Of the 11 finalist scenarios, Chaosium picked 6 that to further develop into fully laid out convention scenarios, to make available at conventions in 2017 and 2018. These winning entries are: Weekend in the Woods by Matt Ryan The Kids are Alright by Jason and Ann D’Angelo Those Within by Freddie Folds Midnight Masquerade by Ed Possing W00t! Searching for the Rhinegold by Benjaim Constantineau and Jean-Sébastien Boisvert Dansereau As the Leaf Withers on the Vine by Charles Perryman Congratulations! Runners up: Mark Platt, Morgan Hua, Jay Jong, Aaron Eskenazi, and Jason Michal. Gatsby and the Great Race at Nexus Game Fair on May 26th! Ed Possing, Jen Martin, her husband Mark Martin and Cory Welch are going to run Gatsby and the Great Race at Nexus. It’ll be a three table game with 18 maximum seats – we only 8 players right now, but we’d love to try and have it as full as possible. If it works for you to do a PSA, we’d love to get it on the MUP. 😉 Nexus Game Fair is at the Hyatt in Milwaukee, WI, Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29th – the whole holiday weekend. We’re going to run Saturday, May 27th from 6 PM until midnight. Listener Feedback Voicemail from Ritterton regarding episode 120.

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StormsEnd from USA on April 12, 2017: Awesome Podcast These guys do a great job. The format is great, its just like sitting around with your friends talking about RPGS. I love listening to the debates and bouncing ideas off each other. My games have gone from ok to spectacular. Keep up the good work. The Farquhar from Canada on April 7, 2017: Greeting from the Great White North I was recommended this by someone on the Yog-Sothoth website and I’m very glad they did. Currently trying to catch up from ep 85. Keeper Dan’s laugh is so infectious I can’t help but join in. I don’t play Call of Cthulhu RPG (unfortunately) but I do love the mythos itself and its other game variants. I’ve been listening to your podcast as I write for our horror/mystery games using the old Supernatural RPG system (by Margaret Weis Productions); its helps to keep me in the right frame of mind as I take a break here and there or hit a snag. Please consider a Go Pods! Fighting Cephalopods car decal. Keep up the great work and GO PODS! Harbaugh87 from USA on March 29, 2017: So Awesome, You Will Need To Make a SAN Check! This podcast is the real deal. If you like CoC or are even remotely interested in Lovecraft, you will love this podcast! Keep up the great work, guys. Go Pods!!


“Breaking down bad horror movie tropes and mining them for good scenario ideas” – Hat tip top Sean for the suggestion. Here is a great site for exploring tropes: TV Tropes A link to a list of horror movie survival rules as outlined in Scream. Chad Category 7: The End of the World Dark Night of the Scarecrow Dan Avalanche (1978) The Descent (2005) Island Of Terror (1966) (Trailer here) Sharktopus Aberration (1997) Mutant– 1984 Strange Things – 11 Movie Collection Murph Frankenhooker (1990) Blood Sand (Here on IMDB) The Host Dreamscape Darkman (1990) Pontypool Cabin Fever The Green Inferno (2013) Avenged (2013) Landmine Goes Click Jon The World Beyond (1978 TV movie) Tropes: Psychic Sensitive person, & magically created mindless monster Trilogy of Terror (1975 TV movie) Tropes: Animated doll, & solitary victim The Stuff (1985 movie) Tropes: alien monster, & human transformation into monsters Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>