Ebon Eaves Live Play – Epilogue: Post-Game Rules Discussion

Miskatonic University Podcast Actual Play Presents: Ebon Eaves, a semi-improvised adventure for Tremulus, the Lovecraft-inspired horror role playing game based on the Apocalypse World engine. The game and playset are by Sean Preston. This is a behind-the-scenes post script with some of the background discussion players had about the rules and the challenges of a system that is based on improvisation. We begin with a chat that immediately followed our first session (Episode 1), which mostly covered character creation and world building. Then we skip ahead in time to a discussion that followed the conclusion of the scenario in Episode 3, when Randall gives us a peek behind the veil to discuss what it was like to use the Tremulus mechanics to unfold the semi-improvised plot. Learn more about Tremulus here >>

Our players:

Randall as Keeper Jim as Doctor Franklin Woodward Max as Travelin’ Jason Freeley EddyPo as Detective Tommy Stone Chad as Antiquarian Peter Strand And Rob as Professor Grant The theme song, “Come Out And Play,” by DesperateMeasurez, is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.]]>