MUP 110 – A Ghastly Good Time

MUP_110_Ghastly_Good_Time-800In episode 110, Murf, Jon and Dan get together to head back into the Bestiary to take another look at the dark-dwelling Ghast. This episode was recorded on October 3, 2016.

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Campus Crier

MUP is launching an audio contest for the 2016 Halloween season! Submit by midnight US Eastern Time on October 31, 2016 for our “One Minute of Horror” contest. Whatever you can do with one minute of audio is fair game – reading a very short story, a poem, fake newscasts, history, maybe a spectacular minute of an actual play? Or submissions can be totally wordless: audio landscapes, sound effects, playing an instrument, any combo of the above – whatever your dark imagination cooks up! There will be First, Second and Third place prizes. All material must be copyright free, and any Creative Commons material must be credited appropriately. Keep language clean enough to play on the show without bleeping. Submitting your piece also gives us permission to play it on the show whether you win or not. Send your one-minute audio files as attachments to: Please put “One Minute Horror” in the subject line so we can tell which messages are contest entries. If you want to go with quick and raw, you could also submit using the Speakpipe link on the right of our home page. Winning Criteria: Creative, Original, Creepy. Check the MU forum for a thread on this topic – we’re happy to help! Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure. Hudson & Brand is a Call of Cthulhu book for the Gaslight era and details a ready-made anti-Cthulhu Mythos Victorian organisation. Gecco Corp Announce CTHULHU statue Price: US$259.00 The Sun Spots Kickstarter completed! Congratulations to Dave for hitting all of the stretch goals! Fantasy Flight begins selling the Mythos minis- From Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and Mansions of Madness in individual blister packs.   Sentinel Hill Press’ blog is having their annual ‘October-ganza’ post-a-day series this October. And previous October-ganza entries. It runs through Halloween. Extra Life 24-hr game-a-thons– There are a couple of charity events happening in the very near future. Both are 24-hr game-a-thons in support of the Extra Life charity that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Event #1:  24-hours of gaming at Carnage Con Nov 5. We have a series of events at this con in Stowe, VT.  Big events include a DCC horror tournament using Carnival of the Damned, an overnight running of the unpublished Mike Mason & Sandy Petersen scenario Hotel Hell, a Carnival-themed LARP and an event for kids using No Thank You Evil.  In addition, such industry luminaries as Oscar Rios and Dr. Nik will be running special games in support of Extra Life Event #2:  Frog God Games presents 24-hrs of Rappan Athuk and other RPGs Nov 18. A hardy group of six or seven players will sit down at a table at 6 PM and get up 24 hours later having been led by me through the FGG dungeon delve Rappan Athuk using 5e D&D.  We expect to take a palette cleanser part way through for some Call of Cthluhu run by Sean and FGG’s author Matt Finch will guest GM an hour or so of a soon-to-be revealed special project from the Frogs.  The entire event will be broadcast live on TwitchTV and audience members are invited to donate money to mess with the game.   Card Catalog: Here is a great resource for Jazz-era ship plans for gaming, courtesy of Graham.   Main Topic: Bestiary- Ghasts We also discuss K’n-yan, the underground location mentioned in The Mound, which has ghasts living in it. Along with weird telepathic aliens that use the gasts as mounts?   A couple of sites with great ghast art- The Lovecraft Mythos Bestiary by K.L. Turner Drawing is Neat- Ghastly Ghouly : H.P. Lovecraft’s Ghouls and Ghasts   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum]]>

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