MUP 109 – Staring at the Sunspots

MUP Episode 109 In this episode, we’ve skyjacked Dave Sokolowski as co-host to talk about his new Kickstarter-in progress for the Lovecraft Country scenario “Sunspots.” We also riff on juicy listener feedback ideas from Brian in Mass and Canageek. This episode was recorded on September 19, 2016.

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Campus Crier

MUP is launching an audio contest for the 2016 Halloween season! Submit by midnight US Eastern Time on October 31, 2016 for our “One Minute of Horror” contest. Whatever you can do with one minute of audio is fair game – reading a very short story, a poem, fake newscasts, history, maybe a spectacular minute of an actual play? Or submissions can be totally wordless: audio landscapes, sound effects, playing an instrument, any combo of the above – whatever your dark imagination cooks up! There will be First, Second and Third place prizes. All material must be copyright free, and any Creative Commons material must be credited appropriately. Keep language clean enough to play on the show without bleeping. Submitting your piece also gives us permission to play it on the show whether you win or not. Send your one-minute audio files as attachments to: Please put “One Minute Horror” in the subject line so we can tell which messages are contest entries. If you want to go with quick and raw, you could also submit using the Speakpipe link on the right of our home page. Winning Criteria: Creative, Original, Creepy. Check the MU forum for a thread on this topic – we’re happy to help! Lovecraft Tales episode 1 – a point-and-click horror in development. Re-Animator: Evolution Is Legit… Sort Of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition has won at the inaugural Dragon Awards in Atlanta for “Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures/Collectible Card/Role Playing Game.” Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies NYC is now in session ‘CONGO’ Historic Fantasy Miniatures Game

Golden Goblin Spotlight

The forges are burning hot at the Goblin Lair right now, with two projects in pre-production and two projects going to the printer. All of the artwork for Heroes of Red Hook – 18 illustrations from Ian MacLean – is now in hand, and that book is going to the printer this week. Also, hopes are high that Tales of the Caribbean will go to the the printer next week. The cover for a mysterious undisclosable upcoming KS project is in the works already. That project will Kickstart from mid February to mid March. It’s a book of scenarios with a fiction companion as one of the various stretch goals. The next fiction book, Between Twilight and Dawn, is underway. About 40% of the book filled. That KS should run in May. Topic: Sun Spots! Check here for Kickstarter updates. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum]]>

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