MUP 080 – NPC Favorites and Roll to Ramble Aimlessly

Download the episode MUP_080-NPC_Favorites_and_Roll_to_Ramble_Aimlessly-800In episode 80, we talk about some of those oddball skills you see in published scenarios. We also take a close look at some of our favorite NPCs from published scenarios and campaigns. Plus, listener feedback a listener email and an iTunes review. This episode was recorded on May 24th, 2015. Apologies for the poor sound quality in some places. The cleaning program I use normally does a much better job of removing hiss without distorting the audio. This one wasn’t as successful at getting good audio out of the recordings.

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Part 3 of Paul Fricker’s video guide series on the Call of Cthulhu Quickstart rules, which covers Sanity rules, has been released. Check out Part I on Character Creation, Part II on Game System and Part III on Sanity Rules Dan found the Cthulhu connection with Paizo! Pathfinder bestiaries include lots of Lovecraft baddies, including: Bhole Colour Out of Space Elder Thing Flying Polyp Great Old One Great Old One, Bokrug Great Old One, Cthulhu Great Old One, Hastur Mi-go Nightgaunt Spawn of Yog-Sothoth Star-spawn of Cthulhu The Worm that Walks More links:


From iTunes: Title: High Art. Reviewer name: The Dripping Tentacle. Rating: 5 star Comment:
You talk over each other too much…. Stop it. Great show. Funny all day long. You guys are the Walter White of podcasting… always cooking up the good $%^&. Go Pods.
Email: Subject: Bloody Falls From: Crash Monarch
Dear MU Podcast, In a recent podcast, you mentioned the ‘bloody falls’ in Antarctica. During a recent ‘Beyond the Mountains of Madness’ campaign that I was running, one of my players sent me the link to the story about ‘the falls’. I immediately decided to incorporate the falls into our game. My idea was that a mythos creature was expelling a blood-like excrement, which was resulting the suspicious looking liquid. The creature I was thinking of is one that you guys talked about in one of your podcasts. As the player characters were flying near the coast, I had them spot a strange land formation in the distance. As they flew over, they saw the strange falls. For handouts, I used pictures of the falls that I found on the internet. Later, they sent a ground team, traveling on skis and dogsleds, to examine the falls. They found a reddish brown pool of steaming liquid that ran over the ice shelf, forming the falls. Around the pool they found many seal and penguin corpses, all drained of blood. Suddenly one of the dogs was grabbed and lifted off the ground by an invisible force. Some unseen thing snapped the dog’s spine like a twig and began feeding on it. That’s when the Star Vampire came into view before them. I used the max stats for the creature, figuring it had been here for sometime, feeding and growing. Surprisingly, the party survived and defeated the creature, thanks to a stick of dynamite and a series of very good rolls. I found a way to weave star vampires into the main elder thing storyline. Later, I arranged for the party’s ship to be overrun by a score of star vampires, which made for an exciting and deadly climax to our 4 year plus campaign. In closing, I want to sincerely thank each of you for the amazing podcast. I have listened to every episode and will continue to do so. I appreciate all the time and work you guys put in. Your ideas ended up influencing our game and making it better. GO PODS!!!!! Sincerely, Crash Monarch

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Topic 1

This week we talk about oddball skills, like “Bake great Cookies 95%” (from the mother of Paul Lemond in Fungi from Yuggoth) and “Charm the Pants off of Guests” (from “The Reeling Midnight” in New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley). You can find a couple of threads about this on YSDC, including comments from dissenters. Murf: (All from Masks of Nyarlathotep) Armed Assault – Pg. 83 Drink Self to Sleep – Pg. 72 How Things Were at Cambridge – Pg. 65 Doctrine and Life – Pg. 130 Act Before Thinking – Pg. 131 See Past as Though Still Present – Pg. 141 Incite Frenzy – Pg. 148 Hard Rock Mining Lore – Pg. 169 Do What Grogan Wants – Pg. 169 Nothing a Human Can Understand – Pg. 177 Follow Orders – Pg. 183 Command Apes – Pg. 207 Yowl – Pg. 212 (For A Cat) Past And Future Glories Of The Han – Pg. 215 Dan: (From Atomic Age) Follow Orders Cackle Crazily Mumble and Complain Bluster Effectively Glare at Capitalist Pigs Act Superior Plant Evidence Seduction Camouflage Self 6e Core Book Deal With Publishers, Love Old Books, Ride Unusual Mount (Randolph Carter) Blackmail, Lack Mercy, Torture (Joseph Curwen) Avoid Responsibility, Turn Away From Reality (Edward Derby) Kidnap, Organize Cult (Keziah Mason) Not to mention (in the weapons section): Hysterically Claw & Chew (The Last De La Poer)

Topic 2

Our Favorite Published NPCs Murf: Mickey Mahoney – The Scoop newspaper editor (Masks pg. 49-50) Jon: Denizens of the Orne Library (Miskatonic University book) Chad: Neil Hazlitt, curiosity shop owner (Kingsport, pg. 30); Aaron Hart, hysterical historian (pg. 22) Dan: Peter Crosswell, broken young man from Thing at the Threshold. And here’s a link to an online Mahjong fortune telling page. It’s written in Javascript, so you know it has to be magical! Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum]]>

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